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LinkedIn Glow UP - Day of Voxer

Is it time your LinkedIn profile had a Glow Up? Or your content needs a pro to look over it and give you the truth about how it could perform better?

Or maybe...

  • Your LinkedIn Profile just not right for your new business?

  • Your sales page just isn't selling?

  • Your Discovery Calls not converting?

  • Your content a bit meh despite all your effort?

  • Or maybe you need a big fat clarity check in with a consultant who isn't going to look at your website or content and say it's great. But instead tell you what is actually wrong with it! And how to fix it.

Maybe you just don't have the time or funds to commit to a six month program but you have a burning question that you need expert advice on to get you moving forward...

Introducing... The LinkedIn Glow Up over Voxer

Where you get my brain for the day without losing an entire day of your time...

During a Day of Voxer, the conversation will flow back and forth on and off between us via Voxer all day. This allows us to dig deep into whatever is keeping you stuck....while also getting on with our day.

You will have space between messages to mull things over. Unlike a call where you need to answer right away.

That’s part of what makes a VIP Day of Voxer so effective.

Before our day we'll be in touch so that you can decide what you want to focus on during the day. To get the answers to the questions you have for:

  • your content
  • marketing
  • online business
  • lead magnets
  • sales pages
  • sales calls

1. You choose a date for your Day of Voxer.

You don’t need to free your calendar for this. A Day of Voxer works really well around your commitments.

Elaine will contact you to book your day in during office hours following your booking.

2. You download Voxer to your phone.

If you don’t have a Voxer account, you’ll create one – it’s free. Never used it before? Simply put, Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages. If you already know how to communicate through a messaging app, you can use Voxer. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!

We’ll add each other on Voxer, and I'll send you a welcome message. 

3. I'll send you a quick form to get an idea of what you need help with on the day. Which can evolve as we chat.

4. When your Day of Voxer comes, you’ll have access to me from 8am to 4pm UK & IRE time.

Don’t worry – this isn’t an 8 to 9 hour chat and you’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies.

Get in touch with any questions:

[email protected]

 * You must book your Day of Voxer and use the day before the 20th December 2024.