So you get the theory of what to do to sell your yoga course but you need help putting it into practise. 

You know you need to improve your marketing. You know it could be better. You've done a couple of courses but you're not sure how to get going. Sound familiar?

I get it. And I'll tell you why. I worked on the media side of marketing for twenty years. I didn't create the ads. I put them where people would see them.

This website is pretty isn't it? But my first attempt was a hot mess. I can help you because I have taken all my twenty years of marketing experience and I've researched much more and found out how to design things. 

And I can save you lots of time that I already spent. Sound good?

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I understand why even with lots of knowledge about the theory of what you need to do to market your course, that you are still stuck. But I can help. So let's get together and do this together over 6 weeks. If you set aside the time and put in the work the way you market your classes will be visibly better.

Imagine this...

  • Being clear about what you offer.  Learn what to do to draw people towards you.
  • Find the right clients that will book your course so you can help others and earn money. 
  • Knowing what to say to your audience to make a connection with them. 
  • Having good systems in place that work for you and save you time.
  • Pricing your service at a level that reflects what it is worth and feeling comfortable about it.
  • Understanding where to focus your efforts so you can avoid spending hours on social media to launch your course.  
  • AND being focused on where to spend your time so that you can progress your business.
  • All of this live in my private Facebook Group so that you can ask me and our group questions as you go along.

How would this change your yoga business?

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So the workshop didn't sell.

But why didn't it sell?

You did the yoga training. You posted about it on social. You know that people need help and that you can do so much for them. Was it the price? Was it the niche? Was it you? (It wasn't you)

You think "I need to do more training." I think you need to tweak a few things and get back out there. No more yoga trainings. (for now)

Let me help you 

To focus on marketing your business to get results.

In my 6 week marketing group coaching I will help you to clearly decide on how you are going to market your business so that you can set actionable goals and improve key areas of your marketing so that you can see results.

I have over twenty years experience in marketing. Since I left the world of advertising, I have created my own successful yoga and baby massage courses that sell.  

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Join Me

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Live training

Join me live on Zoom for a six week group coaching program (one teaching class and one Q&A class) so you can ask questions and use the momentum to get going with your marketing. (Playback available)

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Immediate access to my private Facebook Marketing Group 

Ask questions about the course in a supportive and private Facebook Group.

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Printable Handouts

Access printouts and exercises to help you navigate each step of the course so that you can see how easy marketing can be. 

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PLUS bonus training:

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Bonus Training Workshops

Access bonus training workshops on how to use Instagram and Canva, how to find your target audience, called "Nothing is for Everyone" and "Four tips on how to automate your business."

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Thanks so much for all of that. It was extremely helpful. 

- Aideen (Coaching client who needed assistance with website and booking system.)

EW is the bomb

- Christopher Rector (then Marketing Director for ColPal NZ)

Elaine is the most professional person in the media industry.

- Geoff Lyons(then Marketing Director for Independent New Media)

Thanks for helping me to get my head around Instagram. Dying to get going now.

- Louise (Marketing course client who took my Instagram workshop)

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This is for you if...

  • You are a yoga teacher, fitness professional or coach who needs to improve your marketing.
  • Who knows who their clients are but can't seem to connect with them. 
  • You are comfortable using social media to promote yourself but not sure about where to spend your time.
  • You want to grow your business and you're ready to put in the effort to do it.
  • And you are available to join the training starting on the 8th November live on Zoom (or watch the playback).
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The curriculum:

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Six Modules

Covering everything from Finding you Unique Message, your Target audiences, launching your program, through to systems that support, pricing and your value, to setting actionable business goals.

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Q&A Calls

Ask the questions that you have about marketing your business. Live calls to go through questions with practical solutions.

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Course materials 

Practical assignments to get your thinking about your business so that you can put the theory that you have learned into action immediately. So that you can see results.

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We are going to do this together. We will cheer each other on in my supportive private Facebook Group. I will also give you a virtual kick in the butt if you feel you need it.

What does it cost?



  • 6 x 1 hour live course calls
  • 6 x 1 hour Q&A calls
  • 6 x printable Assignments to help you bring your marketing to life.
  • 1 x audio lesson on connecting with your perfect client.
  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions about your business and receive advice and peer to peer support.
  • And four bonus recorded workshops.
Take me to the checkout. I want to buy this now!
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Hi, I'm Elaine

I worked in advertising for over twenty years. In Ireland and abroad. I worked on huge global accounts like L'Oreal, Volkswagen, Colgate, Burger King, Chanel. During that time I practised yoga. It balanced out the stressful nature of my career.

But when I had my daughter was born I realised that I needed more time with her and less time in the office. So I retrained as a yoga teacher and infant massage instructor. My niche is prenatal yoga and postnatal support.

I balance teaching yoga with my passion for marketing. It brings me great pleasure to use my skills that use to support big business to enrich small businesses and local communities.

So let me help you. The world needs more successful yoga businesses. Just imagine a calmer world where people moved more. Wouldn't it be amazing?

xx Elaine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Satisfaction Guarantee!

This is a digital product. And I can't guarantee results because everyone's situation is different. 

But I am confident that this will help you. So I will offer you your money back within 7 days of purchase.


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