Imagine a world where people moved better and felt better

And you made it happen. And at the same time you earned a living out of doing it. 

I'm Elaine Walsh-McGrath, I'm a yoga teacher and marketing coach. I build online yoga programs and I share my marketing knowledge with yoga teachers and fitness professionals because I don't believe in scarcity.

I believe that there is enough work and opportunity for all of us. So if you want to find out how to market your business and you are ready to work with me then let's go.

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Watch my free video on how to get back time for your practise.

I share four productivity hacks that you can put in place to make life easier now.

Do you feel like you're working really hard but not seeing the results?


Are you spending too much time on the "wrong things?" But don't know what they are.

Does all the admin of running your classes outweigh the joy of teaching?

Do you feel like you're working really hard but not getting anywhere?

I know how you feel because I've been there. I left my corporate career to make more time for my daughter but then ended up teaching on Saturdays and being even less available and earning less.

And then out of necessity I started to teach online. Again live classes so once again I was still unavailable.

But then I learned how to build an online program to compliment my in person or live classes. 

Let me save you all that time. 

Learn how to 

Market your next yoga course

With my easy to follow 4 Step Marketing Course that will walk you through what to do to find your niche, get clear on your perfect client, figure out what to say to them and where you should put your message so they can tune into it.

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Marketing Mentor Series of Talks

Feel like you have a marketing consultant in your pocket. Join my monthly membership and get to watch weekly marketing talks especially created for heart centred businesses. AND access a wealth of bonus marketing workshops.

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Need a marketing coach?

Imagine kickstarting your yoga business in just 6 weeks.

Do you have a list of marketing tasks that you are not getting to? What is holding you back? Is it knowledge? Confidence? Do you need that push, that accountability of a group to get you going again?

What if you had access to a marketing coach who had over twenty years experience in advertising to help you to make these decisions and move forward? Join my 6 week group program and let's get you going.

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Hi, I'm Elaine

I worked as a Marketing Consultant and Strategist for many years before having my daughter. I had practised yoga for twenty years before Síofra arrived in 2017. When she was born we discovered that she had Down Syndrome.

About a year later I decided I wasn't going back to an office job. I retrained as a Yoga Teacher.

I launched my courses using the skills I had previously used to help huge corporations make money.

I also learned new ways of teaching and earning a living when I moved my business online in 2020.

My mission is to help and inspire you to create a life of freedom by finding your voice, living your true purpose and sharing your wisdom with the world with confidence.

I live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and my beautiful 4 year old daughter.

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