Imagine how you would feel if you could increase your customer base and scale your business. 

I'm Elaine Walsh-McGrath, I'm a Marketing Consultant and Coach for Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to scale online.

I show businesses how they can use marketing to grow and sell more. 

To see where the market is for what they have to offer the world. To make sure that they are communicating in a way that converts followers on social to buyers.

You can either hire me to sort out your marketing and help you grow your business.

Or you can hire me as a Coach or join one of my Group Marketing Programs.

I want to hear more

Do you feel like you're working really hard but not seeing the results?

Are you spending too much time on the "wrong things?" But don't know what they are.

Do you feel you are wasting time and money on social media but know that you "have to be there?"

Have you tried advertising on Facebook or Instagram but didn't get any sales?

Do you want to grow your online business but don't know how?

Do you want to ask someone if it's working or not?

You can grow your customer base using digital marketing. And if you work with me I'll  save you a lot of time. 

Are You a Business Owner that needs more time back? 

Imagine getting your message out there without all the overwhelm of doing it yourself. 

Elaine helps businesses to use marketing to scale their business. She will look at your business and see how to create opportunities to use marketing and good systems to give you back time for you. What makes Elaine different is that she has done it for herself for her businesses, with her own money.

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Need someone to help you to Grow you Business?

What could happen if you took decisive action in your business NOW?  

I help businesses to use marketing and good systems to scale and save time.

Imagine working One to One with me to put the tools in place for your business and see if grow over the next 90 days.

Having a marketing coach with over twenty years of experience to help you to grow in 2022.

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Do you need help with Social? 

Improve how you use Social Media to increase your customer base. 

If you get likes and comments to your social posts, but you're not sure how it's growing your client list then come and join my live course. How to Increase Clients with Social Media Bootcamp. It starts on Saturday the 30th January. 
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Need an online website for your course?

Imagine hiring someone to create your membership website so you can focus on teaching.

You have your course ready, a list of clients and all your need is a membership website but you just don't have the time to learn how to use Kajabi. Sound familiar?

What if you could hire someone who understands the health and wellness business and what works when building a fitness membership to do it for you? 

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Hi, I'm Elaine

My mission is to help businesses to scale using marketing that works for them and their customers. To show them how they can increase sales and get time back, to spend how they wish.

I worked as a Marketing Consultant and Strategist for many years before having my daughter. I had practised yoga for twenty years before Síofra arrived in 2017. When she was born we discovered that she had Down Syndrome.

About a year later I decided I wasn't going back to Consultancy in large Agencies. I began a journey of rediscovery. I retrained as a Yoga Teacher. I launched my courses using the skills I had previously used to help huge corporations make money.

But clients kept contacting me to ask for help, with booking systems or social media, consulting work. I realised that I still loved marketing, I just wanted to do it a little differently. I have banished over-working from my life and I welcome and cherish balance.

If you want me to help you to get more time back then hire me to help you.

I live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and my beautiful 4 year old daughter. I work online.

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