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Imagine how you will feel when you have great list of clients and a thriving business. 

I show coaches how to use LinkedIn communicate their message authentically and confidently to generate the best leads for their business. 

Learn how to grow and connect with your audience so that you can fill your calendar with quality leads.

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Do you feel like you're working really hard but not seeing the results?

Have you got the credentials and experience but you can't get your business to scale and you can't figure out why?

Do you know that you "should" be building your list using social media but just can't figure out how?

Are you spending too much time on the "wrong things?" But don't know what they are.

Did you use LinkedIn before when you were in a corporate role, and it feels weird to be back as a coach using it to find clients?

Here’s the thing, when people search for you on Google, one of the first results is your LinkedIn profile. Is yours up to scratch?

LinkedIn is, believe it or not, one of the most straight forward social media platforms to use to find clients. As long as your strategy is right. 

Hi, I'm Elaine

Confession time, I forgot how easy it was to find clients on LinkedIn until 2022.

That's a strange thing to say isn't it...

But here's the thing. As a Client Service Director of an Award Winning Digital Agency back in 2012 I used LinkedIn to connect with Marketing Directors to grow the agency client list.

Long story short, when I became a Mum in 2017 I left the advertising corporate world. I decided to retrain and connect with the creative side of my personality.

I left LinkedIn behind as part of old Elaine.

But in 2022 I made the decision to put it front and centre of my sales funnel. I used it to focus on high ticket clients.

It was weird at first because all my connections were part of my "old world" but in just three months I grew my marketing business and doubled my revenue.

Do you want to do the same thing?

If the answer is yes then let's talk. Book a consultancy call by clicking the link below.

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Why should you work one to one with me?

I am an award winning marketer. I've worked in Marketing for the last twenty years, on some of the world's biggest clients. L'Oreal, Volkswagen, Colgate, and several local clients.

AND I have put my own money into promoting my businesses so I know what it's like to leave a well paying job behind and go after your dreams.

Get your business to the next level. Use the experience of a Marketing Consultant's eyes on your business. Imagine the results you could achieve, having someone with 50,000 hours of marketing experience working with you, one to one, coaching you on how to market your business. 

Imagine how I could help you to use LinkedIn to land more clients.

Need a simple way to grow your business?

Tell me more about what you're struggling with and let's put some time in the calendar to talk.

Want to learn how to use LinkedIn to generate the best quality leads for your business?

Imagine knowing exactly what action to take.

Inside my signature program LinkedIn to Leads, you will learn how to create a 5 Star Profile. To build a network of connections who love your content. So that you can build the best quality leads for your business and fill your calendar with appointments with high ticket clients.

Join a community of coaches who want to make a difference, while making a living doing what they love!

Let's do it together. Stop procrastinating. Be seen. Know what to say to stand out. Get the clients you've been dreaming of. With peer support in a small group program where you won't get lost.

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Want to Create Content that Converts on LinkedIn?

Imagine knowing what to say to your dream clients...

Do you want to fill your schedule with more high calibre clients?  What's stopping you?

What if I told you that you don't have to spend loads of time on social media to do it?

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