Teaching coaches and service based businesses how to land more clients on LinkedIn with clear messaging & great content.

I show coaches and service based businesses how to use LinkedIn to communicate their message authentically and confidently to generate the best leads for their business. 

Learn how you can get found, known and sign more clients on LinkedIn.

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Do you feel like you should be seeing stronger results from LinkedIn but your client list doesn't reflect it?

  • Have you got the¬†credentials and experience¬†but your LinkedIn profile reads like a boring CV?
  • Do you know that¬†you "should" be building your list¬†using LinkedIn but just can't figure out how?
  • Are you¬†spending too much time on the "wrong things?"¬†Like talking to the wrong audience... (they're not buying!)
  • Did you use LinkedIn before when you were in a corporate role,¬†but now that you have your own business you can't get into the right rooms?

LinkedIn is, believe it or not, one of the most straight forward social media platforms to use to find clients. As long as your strategy is right. 

If you have clear messaging and the right content strategy in place... Opportunities will find you on LinkedIn.

Who doesn't want that? 

Ready to be found, known and get more clients?

I'm a tell it like it is Marketing Strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to land more clients on LinkedIn and with good old fashioned Networking. BUT in a way that suits their lifestyle.

Look I've helped blue chip clients sell millions of dollars worth of products for over twenty years of my career.

But what I really love is showing service based businesses how you can create a client based business that fits with your lifestyle and lights you up.

More of what you need. More profits and just more ease in your life.

(without the sleazy "10K day" BS promises)

So let's grow your business, create more freedom and make that big impact that you are dreaming of...

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10 super easy to follow actions to take so that you can get your LinkedIn activity to work for you. This Printable PDF comes with an accompanying tutorial to walk you through each item.

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Want learn how to create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile?

Did you know that one of the first things that shows up in an online search of your name is your LinkedIn Profile?

Is yours up to scratch? 

Learn How to Create it Here

Ready to Build your Visibility on LinkedIn?

The Let's Get Visible - Content Club on LinkedIn is designed to help you to use your message, your voice and your personality to get found, noticed and sign more clients on LinkedIn!

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Start with your LinkedIn Headline

Want to dip your toes and get some clarity around your LinkedIn Headline?

Grab this online course that will teach you how to craft a Headline that stands out. 

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LinkedIn Glow up?

Want to improve your LinkedIn Profile or need an "I'm gonna tell you how it is" opinion of how you could improve your content?

Without paying through the nose for VIP time? 

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LinkedIn Training for your Team?

 Empower your employees to build your business brand on LinkedIn. To attract new customers with in-person or online company training sessions.

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The results speak for themselves

Elaine developed a content strategy and showed me how to create a new way of recruiting social entrepreneurs to our programs. AND she helped us SMASH our social media performance targets."

Renée Mackey, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Communication Executive

"Elaine has helped me to realise that people buy a feeling not a process. She's my dream LinkedIn coach."

Grace Fogarty, Presentations Skills Trainer

Hi, I'm Elaine 

The official bio: I'm a Content Marketing Strategist and Coach who helps service based businesses land more clients. I specialise in making that happen on LinkedIn.


The unofficial bio: I knew the 9-5 (well in advertising it was more like 6.30pm!) life wasn’t for me as soon as I had Síofra, my first and only baby. I wanted flexibility and freedom, so I decided to re-write my story and build something amazing.

Read my Full Story Here

Do you want to find more clients on LinkedIn?

  • But you don't want to send DMs to people you don't know...
  • Are you sick of showing up on LinkedIn and not getting results?
  • Do you spend time and effort on LinkedIn, creating images and posts but you're not sure how to translate that into sales...

Interacting on LinkedIn, reaching out to your followers, making connections and selling your services is also a great (and easy) way to find clients.

What's holding you back? Something is, and I bet I have the answers...

That’s why we are doing this live interactive FREE masterclass!

How to Sell on LinkedIn Without the ICK!

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Amazing Freebies to get your LinkedIn content just right!

  • Eight questions to help you connect with your ideal client so that you can create magnetic content.
  • 4 questions to give you 8 weeks of content ideas that you can use on your blog, in email or any social media platform.
  • Easy to Follow Actions that you can take to help you to grow your list.
  • 10 simple steps to transform your LinkedIn activity¬†from "meh" to "I know what to do!"
  • 5 sneaky ways to showcase your cred and attract your ideal high-ticket clients.
  • "Wow! This is so easy!" tips to grow your network without complicated or "icky" connection tactics.
  • Use this Canva Vision Board Template to help you to create engaging content for your followers
  • Helping you to visualise what their life is like so that you can communicate really easily with them
  • Supporting video tutorial to help you to get the most out of this free resource
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Ready to Be Found, Known and Get More Clients on LinkedIn?

Here's the thing. When people search online for you, one of the first results is your LinkedIn profile. So let's make it a 5 Star Profile.  

Let's get your Content Converting to attract inbound inquiries that will bring the right leads to your door.

Build connections with the right clients for your business with confidence.

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