How to Grow Your Email List with Ease. 

Learn how to build a list of your Dream Clients, in this online course with community support.

Have you got a list of people who are interested in working with you? That you can share your latest programs or services with?

Do you have something that you know is of value to your ideal client that you can easily send them? Something that allows them to get to know you and help them to make a decision to book a call?

How would your business change if you had a growing list of people who were interested in exactly what you offer?

Start building highly qualified leads by creating a the Perfect Lead Magnet and sharing it in all the right places. Does that sound good?

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Attract your Dream Clients

Here's what you're going to learn: 

Attract High Calibre One to One Coaching Clients Organically by growing a list of buyers so that you can fill your calendar.

How to Grow your Email List with Ease Recorded Training so you can learn how to attract the right clients into your list so you have people to buy from you.

Learn how to Create the Right way of Attracting your Clients with a  Lead Magnet, Webinar or a Call.

Follow on Video Personalised Feedback to give you more ideas if you're stuck on what to create to for your clients.

5 x Canva Templates that you can use to create your Lead Magnet.

A Canva Training Tutorial on how to design your Lead Magnet using the templates.

Access Tutorials on How to Host your Lead Magnet for under $100 and How to Create an Automated Welcome Email Series.

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Imagine this...

  • Being able to easily build your email list full of the right people for your business.Knowing that you have something perfect to share on social, and in direct messages to showcase how you can help your future clients. 
  • Knowing that future clients are coming into your list easily and regularly when you post on social media.
  • Having something of value that you can share on social media that can convert your followers to future coaching clients.
  • Joining a supportive community where you can get positive feedback from your peers and a marketing consultant (that's me!) to help create the Perfect Lead Magnet.

How much easier it would be to scale your business?

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Hi, I'm Elaine

I'm here to help you to fill your calendar with the right clients for you and your business. I have used social media to grow my list and create a list of buyers for businesses for over ten years.

One of the major things I changed recently to build on my success, was using HYPER RELEVANT lead magnets to attract my clients. So that I could make sure that the people on my list felt they were in the exact right place when they subscribed. AND it allowed me to easily create courses that they could buy from me so that I could help them more deeply.

So if you want me to help you to Grow a list of the RIGHT CLIENTS then sign up for this Paid Workshop "How to Grow your List with Ease." 

xx Elaine

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"After attending Elaine's training I gained two new clients for the launch of my newest event."   

- Kimberley Drain, Owner of Nourish Northern Mammas, UK.

"My social media received a huge increase in engagement and I have a more clear strategy for myself."

- Matt Anson, Inside Sales Manager Coach, Ireland.

"The focus and clarity that I have now has really boosted my confidence and I know that I can make a success of my business."

- Sarah Pocklington, Career Change Coach for Young Professionals, UK

"I achieved more in my yoga business in two months with Elaine than two years on my own."

- Iona Henderson, Yoga Teacher and GloFacial Business Owner. France.

"With Elaine's leadership and guidance, I've been able to excel in my career.  She has the ability to bring out the best of those who work with her."   

- Maria Langan Business Owner at ML Leadership, Ireland

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How to Grow your Email List with Ease:

Sign up for self paced online course to learn how to build your list with ease.

Receive personalised video feedback, to help you to choose the right lead magnet for your ideal client.

Start taking guided practical action to improve marketing your business

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Immediate access to your Student Community & Accountability Group. 

Ask questions about the course in a supportive and private Facebook Group.

Regular Live Videos and tutorials hosted within the group.

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Templates & Swipe Files

Access templates and swipe files to help you create a professional profile.

  • 5 x Canva Templates for Lead Magnets with accompanying tutorial on how to used them to design yours.
  • Tutorials on How to host your lead magnet  and How to Create an Automated Welcome Email Series.
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This is for you if...

  • You are an experienced coach with strong credentials and a small growing client list but you want to strengthen your growth.
  • You know who your clients should be but there aren't enough of them on your list.
  • You are comfortable with using social media to promote yourself and you want something that you can easily share with your followers to create more subscribers.
  • You have a lead magnet but it's either not bringing in enough of the right people or it's filling your list with the wrong people.
  • You or your V.A. know how to use Canva and are comfortable with using technology in your business. 
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What does it cost?


Worth ($846)

  • Video of the How to Create an Email List with Ease (90 minutes) ($147)
  • Personalised Video Feedback on Your Lead Magnet within the Facebook Group ($247)
  • 5 x Canva Lead Magnet Templates with accompanying tutorial ($94)
  • Video Training Worksheet ($47)
  • 40 Lead Magnet Ideas Workbook ($17)
  • Tutorial - How to Host your Lead Magnet ($147)
  •  Tutorial - How to Create an Automated Email Series ($147)
  • Private Facebook Group  to ask questions about your business and receive advice and peer to peer support open for a month. (priceless)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Now is the time to take action. Why?

Because having a list of the right people will help you to grow your business. It will give you the ability to talk to potential customers on your terms without relying on another platform.

And getting advice from someone who uses Lead Magnets and Webinars to grow her list means you'll have the right tools at your disposal.

It is going to change how you interact on social media. You will have the opportunity to show your future clients how you can help them. 

So join me NOW. Do this. Get ready to make 2023 the year that you grew and scaled your business to match your dream. 

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Refund policy 

I'm going to be honest and say I can't guarantee results because everyone's ability to take action is different.

I am confident that I can help you. But sometimes things happen and people need their money back. So within 14 days of your purchase, prior to the live paid workshop, if you need your money back then you can let me know this in writing via email. I will issue you a full refund.

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