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Imagine how you will feel when you have great clients and more time for you. 

I'm Elaine Walsh-McGrath, I help client service providers and coaches to get to the next level of their business. To attract high calibre clients using the right messaging to fill their schedules. To grow their business and give them income and freedom! 

I show businesses how they can use marketing and great systems to grow and sell more. 

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Do you feel like you're working really hard but not seeing the results?

Have you, finally, given up the day job and dedicated your time to your own client service business?

Have you grown client service business to bring in income that covers your bills but you can't get it past that point?

Are you spending too much time on the "wrong things?" But don't know what they are.

Do you feel you are wasting time and money on social media but know that you "have to be there?"

Have you tried advertising on Facebook or Instagram but didn't get any sales?

Do you want to grow your online coaching business but don't know how?

You can attract your perfect client using social media without running ads. And if you work with me I'll  save you a lot of time. 

Why should you work one to one with me?

I am an award winning marketer. I've worked in Marketing for the last twenty years, on some of the world's biggest clients. L'Oreal, Volkswagen, Colgate, and several local clients.

AND I have put my own money into promoting my businesses so I know what it's like to leave a well paying job behind and go after your dreams.

Get your business out of the rut it's in. Use the experience of a Marketing Consultant's eyes on your business. Imagine having someone with 50,000 hours of marketing experience working with you for the next 90 days, one to one, coaching you on how to market your business. 

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Attract your Dream Client Using Elaine's Signature M.A.R.K.E.T. Framework 

Impact more people with your expertise while creating more freedom in your life.

Master your Niche

Master your profitable niche making sure it is both fulfilling and that people are ready to invest in your services. Be crystal clear what you offer, so that you can confidently show up online and talk about what you do.

Attract your Dream High Ticket Client

Clearly define your target audience and get to understand them. Identify exactly what they need from you, so you can come up with the solution they are ready to invest in. 

Real Human Connection

Create a content strategy that has human connection at the heart of it. Learn how to use this to grow your visibility with ease. Create your own Content Pillars that will make marketing your business and posting on social media so easy. 

Keep it Simple

Choose one platform, one way to connect with your audience so you can create a relationship with people instead of seeing social as a chore. Focus your time and energy on tactics that will grow your client list with the right, high calibre people for you. 

Energise your Network

Ethical selling without the ick. We'll figure out what's been holding you where you are.  Learn how you can nurture your followers and subscribers them until they become loyal buyers.

Tech to support your business.

Tutorials, templates and tweaks to the tech you have to make your business run smoother. Learn how to automate and outsource the admin of your business so that you can focus on the most important aspects. Run your business like the CEO that you are.

Hi, I'm Elaine

Do you want to know how I left my corporate life, found a way to help my daughter to reach her potential and be fulfilled by a business where I help others to attract high calibre clients?

In 2017 my beautiful daughter was born, and had a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. I knew I couldn't sustain the hours of "advertising agency life." So what to do?

At first I thought that meant leaving the world of marketing. So to cut a long story short, I launched and ran a yoga business. But I ended up helping teachers and studios with advice on booking systems, content strategy, lead magnets, membership development and marketing.

In 2020 I realised that the issue wasn't marketing, but the way I had over-worked in my previous roles in advertising agencies.

So I changed how I pursued my talent. I'm much happier. I use my award winning marketing skill and knowledge to empower others. To help them to communicate their message and amplify it.

You can do the same thing. You can run a successful business based on the skill that you have honed to help your clients to get the result that they are dreaming of. If you've been trying to do that and it's not working. Then you need help with your marketing, and someone to look at your offer and how you are sharing it with your ideal client.

So if you want me to help you to find your perfect client while  getting more time back then let's talk.

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Do you want to fill your schedule with more high calibre clients?  What's stopping you?

Do you need help creating messaging that appeals to high calibre clients?

Are you worried about the amount of time content takes? Do you have the confidence to attract your dream clients with your existing skills?

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