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Coaches & service based businesses. Are you posting the right content to promote your business on LinkedIn?

 Let's Get Visible 

- the Content Club on LinkedIn

With live monthly Q&A calls, workshops (next one is the 13th February on how to create 20 posts with AI for 20 weeks in 60 mins)

Are you ready to get found, get known, and get clients on LinkedIn? 

Be part of this positive, inclusive community. We're small but growing! Come join us!

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Did you know that your social media content impacts the search results of your business? 

Are you posting enough content that showcases your business as the solution for your ideal client?

  • Is your content confirming to your ideal client that you are THE person that they should work with?

  • Are you sharing the right kind of content to build an audience of customers?

  • Do you have an easy system to follow that helps you keep you on track?

  • 44% of LinkedIn users take home more than $75,000 per year. Are you signing them up to work with you? 

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Maybe this is what's been holding you back?

You're tired of following advice that doesn't work...

The experts all say you should do different things. They can't all be right. It feels like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall. It's a waste of time and to be honest it's overwhelming. It doesn't make sense...

Create talking head videos with lots of free advice and occasional trending audio. Does that even work on LinkedIn?

Post three times a week? Or a day? Avoid Mondays and the weekend... Is that true?

Do LinkedIn polls work? No one votes for mine.

Enough already. There is an easier way...

So... You need to know:

  • What content works on LinkedIn to position me as an expert in my field?
  • How to position my expertise in my content so that my credibility shines through?
  • How to use my content to build a network of new connections? I've changed industries.
  • How to get the right people to pay attention?
  • What content to share that will help to create the opportunity of a Discovery Call with my ideal client?

The majority of the advice available on YouTube or TikTok is not for you. It talks about how to get a new role or a promotion but not clients. 

You know that your clients are there. You know that your offer can make a huge impact. It's so frustrating. You want to be part of a community that not only will cheer you on,  but that you can also learn from, and that you enjoy spending time with.

Let's put a pin in the doubts that are holding you back:

Big Doubt #1 I don't know what to post on LinkedIn to grow the visibility of my business.

I've got a secret for you. Despite what all the bro marketers might have you believe, getting seen on LinkedIn has nothing to do with the algorithm, or whether you schedule your posts or not. Once you get your strategy right, you will see results.

And you don't need a fancy pantsy marketing agency to create a complex strategy for your business.

Because no one understands the services that you provide, or the results that you help your clients achieve, better than you.

You are the BEST person to create the central message and therefore the content that promotes your business.

Once it's done, you need to use it. Simple as that.

Big Doubt #2 I can't be "the real me" when I post on LinkedIn

Trying to be someone else and putting on a performance is exhausting. And you might have left the corporate world because you were sick and tired of putting on that "suit of armour" every day.

Here's the thing. If double denim is your new suit, then you do you. The more you lean into being you, the more people will gravitate towards you as their kind of person.

And that corporate experience that exhausted you could be the exact super power that can help you to help others... once you frame it in a way that makes organisations want to buy your service. And that is easy peasy once you know how. (I'm going to show you!)

Big Doubt #3 my existing followers are never going to sign up as clients

You don't need a huge following or to know people in the industry that you want to work with.

When I pivoted my business and used LinkedIn to find clients to work with my entire network was made up of former colleagues, suppliers and friends!

I didn't have one connection on LinkedIn who was a coach. All my clients have come through networking or LinkedIn. 

The idea that you need to have hundreds of connections to start signing clients on LinkedIn is a myth.

You need to have credibility, authority and experience in the service that you offer and an understanding of the clients that you work with. AND post the right content to attract the RIGHT audience. Get me?


What if those doubts became POSSIBILITIES?


Hi there, I'm Elaine Walsh-McGrath!

Special Needs Mum, sea swimmer, world traveller, live music aficianado, ex ad agency pro. 

As a Content Marketing Strategist & Coach for coaches and service businesses who want to grow their high ticket offers, I am here to make it so much easier to show you how to find more clients.

I've been helping businesses nail their messaging and market their products and services since the 90s! 

I've been using LinkedIn to build connections and find clients for over ten years. Not just for myself but for the people I meet. I can't help myself. I need to bring people together.

But let's rewind the tape a few years. Back in 2018 I decided I wasn't going back to work in my 6 figure advertising consultancy business. I had spent a year with my beautiful daughter, at that stage. And I came to realise that the level of appointments and care she needed was not compatible with my previous working life.

So I didn't go back...

The first thing I did had nothing to do with marketing, or so I thought! I retrained as a kids yoga teacher. Looking back it was a pivotal moment in my success. It helped me to embrace my creative side again.

Despite the challenges that 2020 brought I took the business online and started supporting yoga teachers to show them what I had done. Build a social following, create a list of interested clients, teach online, create sales funnels, courses and yoga memberships.

Slowly I realised that the world would be better served with my marketing talents deployed to help businesses to thrive...

I turned to an old friend, LinkedIn.

I made a bold decision. Instead of continuing to run my business focusing on memberships, and smaller consultancy fees. I created a high ticket offer. Within two months of showing up consistently on LinkedIn I signed my first three high ticket clients. And I haven't looked back.

Now that's the short version. A whistle stop tour of the last six years!

So why am I sharing all of that with you? Because doubling down on getting my content right was central to my success so far. And I know it's what most of my clients struggle with before we work together.

It's that first hand experience of building a client business, combined with the strategic knowledge from my 25+ years career in advertising that I deploy to help my clients grow their visibility and ultimately their client list on LinkedIn.

My passion for showing my clients that marketing your business is easy is what inspired me to create a framework that brings me joy (and clients!) I'm going to share it with you.

I call it the Power of Connection because that spark and energy of connecting on a human level with people, even on social media, makes the difference and will help you to stand out from the crowd.

As part of the Let's Get Visible Content Membership, I am going to show you how you can be yourself on LinkedIn and find more clients for your business using your content.

I have signed up clients that I met on LinkedIn. I have been invited to speak at a major conference via LinkedIn. And this could all happen for you too!

AND then there's the dream - people reach out to me to work with me. What a time saver! That can happen for you too.

So do you want to grow your business in a way that feels achievable, sustainable, practical?


Feels good. Feels right. 

If you are nodding and saying yes then I am for you!

I want to teach you how use your message, your voice and personality to light that spark of connection to grow your business.

xx Elaine

Ready to get found, noticed and sign more clients?

It wasn't so long ago that I was where you are now, I left the corporate world in 2017. It wasn't easy. But that means you can learn from my mistakes!

You're in safe hands after all, over the past 25 years, I've spent 50,000+ hours working in marketing, helping businesses of all sizes to grow.

Want to know more about how?


Let's Get Visible

- The Content Club on LinkedIn

Designed to help you to use your message, your voice and your personality to get found, noticed and sign more clients on LinkedIn!

This monthly content coaching support membership will give you the tools to create your own unique, easy to use strategy. You'll have plenty of live training and tutorials, systems and Q&A support so that you know how to take the exact actions to grow your visibility on LinkedIn.

AND Community and Connection is central as we foster positive kindness in our business network.

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The secret sauce behind Let's Get Visible?

It's understanding how to use the Power of Connection in your content on LinkedIn.

That spark that creates an interest, a curiosity that leads to a moment of attention and the potential of connection. Think about how you act in your day to day life when you're introduced to a new colleague or a new supplier.

  • What makes you listen to them?
  • Why are you interested in what they have to say?

It's a spark of chemistry of their energy and the fact that they are relevant to you... so let's dig into that:

CLARITY: How do you achieve massive transformation for your clients? Use this in your content. Share your credentials and experience, and why you are the BEST person to deliver the outcome they need.

COMMUNICATION: Share content that clearly shows your ideal client that you have exactly what they are searching for. Create a curiosity and interest that leads them to want more information on how they can work with you. Help them get to know you.

CONFIDENCE: Stand out from everyone else in your niche with confidence and self belief. Show your authority. Reflect the successful coaching business that you are building in your content.

CONNECTION: Create joyful working connections with people that you admire and want to work with. Take the right actions to create that spark that creates intrigue and interest in what you have to offer. And get more clients.

COMMUNITY: With the Let's Get Visible Content Club a big part of this offering is  a growing COMMUNITY. It is built on positivity, tolerance, respect and kindness. All are welcome who subscribe to these values in Let's Get Visible.

How would it feel if you... 

Knew exactly what to post on LinkedIn to attract more attention from prospects. In your voice, with your stories.

Spent only 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn to network and grow your prospective clients.

Felt confident that the actions you take will grow your business.

Kicking off your strategy with a four week training call CONTENT THAT CONVERTS.

We start 9th April 2024 Bring it on! You're going to be ready to go!

Easy to Follow Strategy

Starting with the LIVE Training "Content that Converts." We will build a communication strategy that is unique for your business. No cookie cutter here. You get to ask questions specific to your business. AND it is easy both to follow and implement.

Market Your Business

You will confidently promote your business with the back up and support of monthly Q&A calls and planning workshops to keep you on track. Just watch your following and connections grow!

Connect with Clients

Your content strategy will guide you to take the right actions. This will result in a wider net of relevant connections that will help you to grow your business. And you'll have that support and accountability of the membership and peer to peer support to guide you.

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Want at peek at your path to growing your visibility on LinkedIn with ease?

Here's what we're going to do to get found, noticed and connect with clients on LinkedIn: 

Content that Converts Live Training Calls -  next LIVE accelerator 9th April at 2pm Irish Standard Time.

60 minute Zoom Training with Q&A (Replay available.)

  •  23rd April - How to Nail your Niche
  • 30th April - Speak to your Ideal Client
  • 7th May - How to Create a Content Strategy for your Business
  • 14th May - Creating Content that Connects
  • 21st May - How to Plan Shareable Content with Ease 

AND monthly Q&A calls - in April it's the 22nd April and in May is the 20th.

Watch the past calls and replays and ask any questions that you need in the comments section under the video!

Lifetime access to course, and supporting tutorials and materials.

Value €4,000

The Content Club

Monthly Coaching Calls on Zoom (replay of calls available) 

Join the growing community of positive entrepreneurs who cheer each other on.

The January Q&A call is on the 29th at 2pm Irish Standard time.

Get the opportunity to spotlight your business with your questions!

Q&A support in the LinkedIn Private Group

Supporting workbooks and tutorials.

Content planning spreadsheet and Trello boards

Value €7,400

Content Planning Workshops

Quarterly interactive 90 minute live planning workshop sessions.

With the opportunity to ask your questions in the session or pose them prior and watch the replayed video.

Regular Masterclasses by a Range of Content Marketing Experts with topics from time management, Chat GPT through to branding.

Value  €2,100

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You're 3 steps away from transforming your visibility on LinkedIn

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Select Your Payment Preference

You can choose to pay all in one go, or monthly. Whatever suits you best.

We accept all major credit cards or Paypal.

2. Get your questions answered

Get your questions answered on the calls, or in our private LinkedIn group and also under each of the recorded videos that we share. 

You can submit your question ahead of time and catch the recording later.

3. Watch the dial move on your results

Each month improve your visibility by taking advantage of all of the resources available to you. From tutorials through to live Q&As and handy planning and implementation tools.

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Select the plan that's right for you.

So that you can learn how to share your coaching or service based business in a way that attracts more relevant connections.

So you can put a content plan in place that it easy to use, where you can schedule in advance.

To grow your LinkedIn followers and connections by showing up consistently and getting more visible on the platform.

To know how to use the different tools that LinkedIn uses to promote your business with ease.

12 monthly payments


Best for Cash Flow

  • Content That Converts Training - delivered live! (€1,000)
  • Monthly live x 60 minute Zoom calls throughout the year (€2,400)
  • Opportunity to spotlight at monthly call and planning workshop
  • Content planning workshops (€1,600)
  • Content Planning Spreadsheet and Trello boards (€100)
  • Supported Training Workbooks (€450)
  • Lifetime access to replayed calls , tutorials and supporting materials (€3,000)
  • Private LinkedIn Group with Q&A Feedback Thread (5,000)
  • Additional MasterClasses (€500)
  • BONUS Real Me Wins Clients Self Paced Course (€1,073)
  • BONUS How to Build your List with Ease (€846)
  • BONUS LinkedIn 101 Tutorials (€347)



1 payment of


Best Value

  • Content That Converts Training - delivered live! (€1,000)
  • Monthly live x 60 minute Zoom calls throughout the year (€2,400)
  • Opportunity to spotlight at monthly call and planning workshop
  • Content planning workshops (€1,600)
  • Content Planning Spreadsheet and Trello boards (€100)
  • Supported Training Workbooks (€450)
  • Lifetime access to replayed calls , tutorials and supporting materials (€3,000)
  • Private LinkedIn Group with Q&A Feedback Thread (5,000)
  • Additional MasterClasses (€500)
  • BONUS Real Me Wins Clients Self Paced Course (€1,073)
  • BONUS How to Build your List with Ease (€846)
  • BONUS LinkedIn 101 Tutorials (€347)



Are you ready to go! (Or as we say in Ireland... are you set for the off?)

Love a bit of added value? Like a juicy Bonus Stack? Yeah me too.

You'll receive instant access to over 2K in course bonuses to grow your business with confidence and ease.

The Real Me Wins Clients on LinkedIn Online Course

Forget copying everyone else, you are the reason that your clients are going to buy from you. Your beliefs, the way you teach, train or coach, or however you deliver the service that you deliver. It's YOU!

What's the point in pretending to be a watered down version of you? It won't sell.

So this invaluable Authentic Me workbook, with supporting tutorials, a content workbook with tutorial, a content idea cheatsheet, a branding cheatsheet, a live branding training with an International Creative Director, a live photography training from a leading UK brand photographer, copy prompts, and super helpful Trello board to organise it all is going to be invaluable for you to confidently stand out as you and attract the clients you want for your business. 

There are two live video group training sessions included with this course. 1. With a leading brand designer and 2. With a leading brand photographer. 

(Valued at €1,073)

How to Build your List With Ease

It's so much easier to reach out to your future clients when you've got something that's just perfect to share with them... not to mention it's even better when they not only connect with you on LinkedIn... but also subscribe to your list.

Do you have something that you know is of value to your ideal client that you can easily share with them in a DM (direct message?)

No more icky sales tactics. This is sharing your valuable knowledge to help your ideal client to get to know you.

(Valued at €846)

LinkedIn 101 Tutorials

LinkedIn is growing as an indispensable tool for professionals across the globe. When you are looking for new corporate clients it's the place to be! This course provides the foundational knowledge and skills you need to thrive on the platform.

We'll work through each aspect of LinkedIn from Setting Up Your LinkedIn Account, Navigating LinkedIn with Ease, and learning how use the platform to Connect and Network.

You'll learn how to share your content easily. And even how to Customize Your LinkedIn URL to make it super easy to share at your next networking meeting!

(Valued at €347)

Buy Now

100% Risk Free

I understand that sometimes things happen and people need their money back.

AND, even though I know this content membership is so valuable, you deserve the chance to join risk-free to see if it’s for you. If it's not for you then, simply request a refund within 7 days of purchase, and you’ll be refunded in full.

There'll be no questions asked. You simply have to let me know this in writing via email within the 7 days. I will issue you a full refund.

After that point there is no refund for the annual membership (€1,080.)

This is an annual membership. If you are paying monthly and you choose to cancel your membership before you have paid for 12 months then you will lose the "lifetime access" to bonus courses, the LinkedIn membership group, recordings of the live calls and membership material.

*Lifetime access is available to members who have paid in full for the annual membership, whether that be in one annual payment or over 12 monthly payments. It gives you access to the bonus courses, the Content that Converts course, the live support calls for the 12 months that you have paid for. 

*Lifetime access is defined as "the period of time for which Elaine Walsh-McGrath is providing this service. In the circumstance where Elaine makes a change to the service, members will get the opportunity to download the materials locally."

Client Success Stories

"Elaine developed a content strategy and showed me how to create a new way of recruiting social entrepreneurs to our programs. AND she helped us SMASH our social media performance targets."

Renée Macke, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Communication Executive

"Elaine has helped me to realise that people buy a feeling not a process. She's my dream LinkedIn coach."

Grace Fogarty, Presentations Skills Trainer

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Let's Get Visible is a hot match for you, if... 


This sounds familiar... 

  • You are an experienced coach with strong credentials and a growing client list but your LinkedIn content isn't calling in the right people.
  • You know who your clients should be but the content that you've been producing isn't converting. 
  • You are comfortable with using social media to promote yourself and you're ready to learn how to best use LinkedIn.
  • You are a natural networker and happy to reach out to prospective clients on LinkedIn. You just need to know how.
  • You are ready to take this opportunity to grow your business and you can invest both the time and money to get the results.

This is not for you if...

  • You are at the beginning of your career and have no client experience or work experience.
  • You don't know who your clients are and you have no way of reaching out to people who would fall into the category that you help with.
  • You hate using social media and you don't believe that it can help you to promote your business.
  • You’re looking for an easy way to make money fast—this won't happen overnight (But it is SO doable if you’re willing to commit to doing the work!)
  • You don't have time to set aside to respond to comments, to reach out to your ideal clients and to make appointments to get on a call and sell your services.

You may be wondering...

Select the plan that's right for you:

So that you can get found, known and more find clients on LinkedIn.

12 monthly payments


Best for Cash Flow

  • Content That Converts Training - deliveread live! (€1,000)
  • Monthly live x 60 minute Zoom calls throughout the year (€2,400)
  • Opportunity to spotlight at monthly call and planning workshop
  • Content planning workshops (€1,600)
  • Content Planning Spreadsheet and Trello boards (€100)
  • Supported Training Workbooks (€450)
  • Lifetime access to replayed calls , tutorials and supporting materials (€3,000)
  • Private LinkedIn Group with Q&A Feedback Thread (5,000)
  • Additional MasterClasses (€500)
  • BONUS Real Me Wins Clients Self Paced Course (€1,073)
  • BONUS How to Build your List with Ease (€846)
  • BONUS LinkedIn 101 Tutorials (€347)


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1 payment of


Best Value

  • Content That Converts Training - delivered live! (€1,000)
  • Monthly live x 60 minute Zoom calls throughout the year (€2,400)
  • Opportunity to spotlight at monthly call and planning workshop
  • Content planning workshops (€1,600)
  • Content Planning Spreadsheet and Trello boards (€100)
  • Supported Training Workbooks (€450)
  • Lifetime access to replayed calls , tutorials and supporting materials (€3,000)
  • Private LinkedIn Group with Q&A Feedback Thread (5,000)
  • Additional MasterClasses (€500)
  • BONUS Real Me Wins Clients Self Paced Course (€1,073)
  • BONUS How to Build your List with Ease (€846)
  • BONUS LinkedIn 101 Tutorials (€347)


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Now is the time to take action. Why?

Because your clients are on LinkedIn waiting for you to show up. 

If you're networking or being referred in any shape or form then people are searching your name and checking out your LinkedIn profile. Looking at your content. Seeing does everything add up...

While you get your strategy nailed, there are easy wins that you can create to start getting noticed, when you know how.

So join me NOW. Do this. The time is always right for getting your content right!


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Need to chat it through? Get in touch...  

Message me on LinkedIn:

Send an email: [email protected] 


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