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Act like the movie star of your business

May 18, 2022

Perhaps the trailer or the promo made you laugh, or think, or it captured your imagination. When you went to the movie, you paid the entry price and you sat in the audience and you really enjoyed it.

Do you remember the scene from the promotion that got you there in the first place?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But did you regret paying for the entry because you had already seen a small part of the movie for free?

What about the promotion, let's dig deeper. Did it feature someone who was in the movie?

Is there an actor that you love, or admire that you will pretty much go and see anything they are in because you love their work. They're probably a bankable star. The producers, most likely have them in the movie so that it will sell.

So have you seen them do interviews on Graham Norton, perhaps on the red carpet of the movie premier?

Did it catch your attention?

Would the movie do as well financially if the star did not feature in the promotion of the film?

I'm going to suggest in almost all cases, no.

Of course there are exceptions to most rules, mavericks. But they are unique and by their very nature stand out because of that. Largely that rule does not apply to anyone who is starting out in their career or venture.

Let's go back to the movie itself again. Apart from the trailer or the promotion.

How do you choose the movie that you go to?

Do you enjoy a certain genre? Do you want to feel a certain way during the film or perhaps you want to see what people are talking about?

So it helps when the studio describe it in a way that makes it clear that it's the kind of story that appeals to you. Doesn't it?

And how do you prefer to watch it? At home? In the cinema?

Interesting isn't it. These are all things that you probably never notice. But they influence your decision making.

Like how do you even hear about it in the first place?

And how do you know that it's going to be available to watch, or who is in it? There's so much messaging out there, how does it cut through all the noise?

The funny thing is that there's so much that many of us can learn by watching the development, casting, editing, and promoting of a movie. Because you can use so much of their techniques in your own business. I know this because one of my client's was Warner Studios.

So if you have a coaching program, or you help people in some way and therefore you have clients there's so much you can take and use to promote your business.

  1. The film genre: Decide what problem do you solve for people that they really want solved and will pay money to get the result that you offer.
  2. The story that people love: Is this problem big enough and does it effect enough people for you to make a living doing this?
  3. The star of the film: Make sure you turn up in the promotion of your business so that your clients can get to know you and will feel that they can trust you to help them with their problem.
  4. Where to watch it: How are you going to deliver your program? Online, in person, one to one, as a group program.
  5. Promoting it and launching it: You need to have a simple mechanism that allows you to talk about what you do so that people get an idea of what it is and they see that consistent message often enough of with enough weight behind it for them to buy from you.

If you're not putting yourself in your posts why would people book a call with you? They won't recognise you.

If you don't have a way to communicate with people in a consistent way then how will they know that you can help them to solve their problem?

Imagine if you had the right offer, it was clear how you helped people, you consistently communicated how you could give people the results that they wanted in such a way that it attracted them to you without having to pay for ads.

The people who say they can magically get you to 10K a month without work are not being honest with you.

It takes effort. It takes work. But if you are single minded, if you have the right offer, for the right people then it works.

When I worked with Warner they had their movie already produce and ready to launch, we worked out their target audience, their marketing strategy, then we decided how we were going to promote the films. 

Have you figured that out yet?

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