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Do you believe that you can work less and earn more?

coaching business content marketing small business Jun 10, 2022
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Has anyone ever told you that most new businesses don't make a profit for five years?

Lot's of people have said it to me over the years. I've run different businesses over the years. And honestly, it's not true.

In 2009 I launched a social events business. It wasn't financially successful, the business model was wrong. I should have changed the model early but thinking that it takes time, I stuck with it. I don't regret that, I learned loads. But that's another story. In 2014 I launched my marketing consultancy. I made €2K within the week of starting. I built it to a six figure business within a year.

It's only in looking back to the two different situations that I can see that I had the belief in place to stick with the financially unsuccessful business because "it takes 5 years to make a profit." 


I worked long hours in the marketing consultancy because I believed that financial success came hand in hand with making personal sacrifices. But is that true?

What about you? 

What beliefs are colouring how you sell your services and what you charge for it, and how much time you spend at work?

Here are a few classic limiting beliefs that can hold you back in business:

  • If you want to make money you've got to put in the hard yards. Do you? Is that 100% true?
  • If you help people then you have to earn less.
  • You can't have it all.
  • You shouldn't charge money for yoga.
  • You'll never make money doing what you love.
  • The impoverished author (or painter)
  • It's all or nothing. (Well actually you can have a part-time job while you build your business.)

Have you noticed what ones do you tell yourself? Henry Ford was so right when he said "Whether you think you can or cannot, you're right."

And if it's happening for you, then it's happening for our clients. And as coaches we know that! Or we should!

Often, when we communicate we forget how important beliefs are.

And many of us, who struggle with our messaging, fall into the habit of talking about the what and the how of our programs. BORING! Scroll on by!

So if you want to make your content work for you then you have to put your clients belief in the centre of your communication strategy: imagine your

  • What do they believe?
  • What's holding them back?
  • How can you help them to see what's holding them back?

When you reach out to them and talk to them, do you try to understand that?

Do you know why your clients chose to work with you?

Chances are, there's no "reason" in their decision at all. It's likely that the rationale part of their decision making gives them the permission to work with you, but that has nothing to do why they have arrived to work with you.

If, in your messaging you focus on how you help people rather than challenging these beliefs then you're less likely to attract your ideal clients. It's like a car sales person selling the air conditioning instead of the vision of how much easier long drives with your family will be when they feel cooler.

So the next time you're preparing an email, a video, a sales page think about what beliefs your clients have that are holding them back and talk to them about what is on the other side of the bridge (of working with you.)

Ask them to imagine their new life, their new career, their new healthy lifestyle, the new way that they can move with ease, their happy work life, their happy home.

What beliefs could you talk about in your content?

A fantastic way to attract the right clients is to have the right bait (good content) and fishing in the right water. Especially with the growth of AI in content writing such as Chat GPT and Magic Write in Canva, which I 100% LOVE by the way, you need to tell your stories. The ones that a bot can't possibly tell.

The only thing that will differentiate your marketing from anything that is produced by Artificial Intelligence is you!

Here's a Content Workbook to help you to get your creative juices flowing:

Click here to grab your Content Workbook


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