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Do you want to work part time hours for a full time salary?

small business Feb 11, 2022
My Dad and me in a field of potatoes

Everyone has a reason for why they started their own business.

A passion for a product, a talent, not wanting to work for "the man." Whoever he is...

My reasons for working for myself are family driven. And probably not the reason you might think. Because it all started a long time ago. (With this guy, here in the photo with me!)

Back in the 70s! (I know, I have a great eye cream...) My Dad had his own office supply business. There were always pens in our house! He used to collect me from school, he was a founding member of the Coiste in Kilmacud Crokes in 1981. He coached many kids hurling teams. He was very present in our lives, in a generation of Dads that mainly weren't.

That stayed with me.

His business wasn't particularly financially successful, but he had a freedom that others didn't. I think that's what gave me the bug. That desire for freedom.

So in between my successful career in advertising, I've started a few businesses.

Most have been created with an underlying central theme of either supporting people or bringing people together. I ran a social events business, I have a yoga business. I have supported media advertising agencies acting as an In-house consultant. Now I'm a coach who helps highly skilled entrepreneurs, predominantly in the coaching category, to grow their online businesses and attract high ticket clients.

My most financially successful ventures have been my marketing businesses.

Because it's my super power. Another super power is the ability to work incredibly hard and loving to work. Which lead me to the title for my newsletter. Because I have a tendency to over-work, but a strong motivation to work less in my business. What about you? Are you trying to make a change in your life? Striving for more balance?

Are you a highly skilled entrepreneur who has lots of desire to run a successful business, but seems to have no time?

That's a subject that fascinates me. I love to follow self-made entrepreneurs who make the conscious decision to create a life of true balance. Who support others to make lots of money doing what they love. That's what I want to do for you.

So if you are like me and want that freedom, to work part-time for a full time salary then that's what I'm going to be writing about.

Like the saying goes, Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

When my lovely little lady, Síofra was born, we received a postnatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome. And her extra chromosome has brought some interesting and time consuming challenges into our lives, as well as lots of joy.

Another thing it has delivered to my door is the absolute requirement to work less (outside my non paid role of being her Mum and Advocate.) Before Síofra I dreamed of having better work, life balance, whatever that meant! So when she arrived I trained as a yoga teacher. And while that definitely gives me more knowledge and practise of mindfulness, meditation and an ability to reset my body and mind... it didn't deliver on the dream of getting paid while I sleep. But it started me on my journey there. Which is a long story. And one I'll tell another time.

Today on my journey of balancing work, life, and advocating for Síofra's needs I can say that I get paid while I'm sitting at hospital appointments! The joy and relief that I can do that as a highly skilled entrepreneur is second to none. It is a skill that I am honing, and one that I work on every day. Both in mindset and bloody great systems!

That's the opportunity that I offer to my clients. To grow their online business AND create more freedom in their lives.

To learn how to have a successful online business with higher ticket clients and work on squeezing it into part-time hours.

Because honestly, I offer a no B.S. path to follow. There's no time for procrastibranding or procrastilearning when you work with me. There is only space for clear thinking and strategy that leads to consistent action that delivers clients. No excuses.

I have a straight to the point program for highly skilled entrepreneurs who want a successful online business and balance in their lives.

My five step program focuses on getting entrepreneurs to use marketing and good systems to get their business to run itself, so they can focus on the parts that they simply cannot outsource, and doing whatever the hell they like. Enjoy family life, or a hobby, or whatever...

If you aren't there yet but want to learn lots about marketing, messaging, great systems, and be inspired by other entrepreneur's stories who have gone before us and achieved this, then subscribe to my newsletter, follow me here on LinkedIn, on Instagram. And join my Facebook Group and there's a podcast in the works. More on that to come...

I've got lots to share with you that is going to get you on the path to success.

OR If you're ready to take action that will quantum leap your business to get it to the next level...

And I mean you are going to have to commit to:

  1. Doing the thinking and taking ownership for where you are and where you want to get to.
  2. Therefore stepping up to the plate (supported by me and my proven framework)
  3. Taking consistent action for at least 90 days to get the results you want.
  4. And you have the time and the money to do it.

Then book a free call to discuss how you're ready to invest in yourself and your business by clicking the link below:

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Let's work on the Balancing Act together. Draw out the map to get you to be in control of the successful online business that you want to build.

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