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Does your social media profile show clients how you help them?

coaching business content marketing small business yoga teacher Mar 29, 2022

 If you are determined that you are going to live a life of freedom and work part time for a full time salary then you need to be sure that all your online activity is reflecting how you can help your ideal client clearly.

So while you're doing the garden, or reading a book, or tending to a sick child, your social media post or your blog should be holding a mirror up to your client and saying "Hi, I can help you because I understand you deeply."
They should be able to really clearly see that you can help them and when they follow the carefully constructed path to work with you it should paint a clear picture of the opportunity that you offer them, the transformation that they can achieve with your help and then the or lead magnet, calendar invitation, or checkout should allow them to take the ownership of the situation. It should allow them to say, yes I am going to solve this problem with the help of ... (YOU!)

That's why you post on social media, that's why you use marketing to communicate.

So what I want you to do is put your really honest spectacles on. And look objectively at what you're sharing and say... Hmm. Do my prospective clients know that I can help them?
  • If you have clients would be honest with you, just ask them, if it's clear how much you help people.
  • Share your website and social media with them and see if they think it does you justice (I suspect the answer is no!)
  • See if what you are sharing at the moment resonates with them.
  • Ask them if it is it obvious from what you share that you are for them?
If you're struggling with what to say, or how to connect to them, then you need to talk to people in your target audience. Particularly if you don't coach or teach from experience.

Picture and think about the people you serve, could you put them in a group? Do they have anything in common?

  • Are they parents?
  • Moms going back to work after maternity leave?
  • Are they HR Managers?
  • Inside sales managers looking to be promoted?
  • Candidates going for a role in a particular industry?
  • Yoga teachers who wants to teach more?
  • People who love yoga and want to feel good in their body?

Whoever it is, can you close your eyes and imagine them.

And think about what is their day like? How do they feel at different parts of the day? What makes them happy? What motivates them?
With your ideal clients in your head, look at what you are sharing online that is supposed to draw them closer to you, and demonstrate that you can help them. From social media the whole way through to your checkout.

Are you focusing on them, or you?

On social media, you should be talking about your ideal clients and their lives, about 60% of the time at the very least.
You should be selling , pushing through to your lead magnets or selling your program, 20% of the time. And the other 20% should focus on building your credibility and so then you can talk about you, but only in relation to being appropriate for your clients.
Show people the shelves on the wall, not the hammer and the nails. Show them the bridge, but show them the other side of the bridge.

Ask yourself honestly, is what you are sharing on social media, useful to your prospective clients?

Does it help them imagine their future selves when they have their ideal life? For a health coach perhaps you can show them how they'll be able to dance when they're 90. Or for a money coach, you could show your clients the time they'll get back when they have better control over their finances. Or for a yoga teacher perhaps you could show them how they'll be able to go to sleep more easily, or focus in the work, or enjoy more mobility.

Help your clients to connect to their future self by connecting to the emotion of how they want to feel.

Now you know what you need to do, but if you are struggling with how to do it, then you could always sign up to my signature program M.A.R.K.E.T. where the A module coaches you through how to Attract your Ideal Client. Visit www.elainewalshmcgrath.com/call to book a call with me and I'll look at your social media and give you some ideas that you can implement.

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