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How Setting Boundaries can Improve your Sales

#onlinebusiness attraction marketing coaching business sales training Jul 17, 2023

I realised that my group coaching program wasn't selling because I was attracting clients who were at the wrong stage of business for my offer.

(this video was recorded live!)

It happened a couple of years ago when I was launching my existing one to one coaching program as a group program.

After two days of a well attended free Masterclass training I had lined up a number of calls.

There were no bookings for the group program despite a few weeks work, setting up the emails, preparing the training, sharing posts on the upcoming program... But I had a day to go until the cart closed and three people already booked into discovery calls. Everything was going to work out...

Imagine how gutted I felt when I had three no shows that day! There was a lot of huffing and puffing in my office! Until I realised, like an Oprah AHA moment. It was all due to my actions.

So learn from my mistakes and create boundaries in your business. Particularly when it comes to your Discovery Calls...

Here are 5 tips that I learned as a result of the day of the no shows!

1️⃣ Create a clear boundary or niche for the part of the solution that you offer.

  • For example I help coaches and service businesses to land more clients using social media, predominantly LinkedIn. SO I don't help people find jobs on LinkedIn. I help them to improve their profile, grow their visibility and attract the right clients. What do you do?

2️⃣ Use specific language to call in your client.

  • If you help people at the beginning of their journey then words like "spark success" or "ignite" might be relevant. But if your offer is for more experienced clients then words like "uplevel" or "improve" could work better.

3️⃣ Follow up with people that you believe need your service and that you want to work with.

  • Don't follow up with everyone. You don't (or shouldn't) have the time!

4️⃣ Create clear objectives for everything you do.

  • I believe in taking "imperfect action" but let's say you're trying video for the first time in your social accounts. You should still have a reason to do it, even if that reason is "to practise being more visible and improving the quality of my videos by showing up and making one."

5️⃣ Create a plan and follow it.

  • When I network I look to speak to two people after the meeting. I ring them to make an appointment to chat on Zoom. When I contact them to ask for their number I say that I'll ring to organise an appointment. Therefore they're expecting that to happen. But likewise it makes me do it! Because, honestly, I don't like being on the phone! Taking the action when I say I will add to the professional impression that I aim to give to my clients.
  • So what actions are you taking that shows that you are professional?

If you use consult calls or discovery calls to find your next client then how are they going? Are the right people turning up? Or do you sometimes struggle to figure out why on earth you're both on a call together?

Come and learn more about how you can Sign More Clients with your Discovery Call on Wednesday 19th July at 1pm UK & IRE. Make sure to register by clicking this link so that you can grab the replay:



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