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How to Create Content that Converts on LinkedIn

coaching business content marketing linkedin Jul 15, 2022

Has your content on LinkedIn been a bit hit and miss? Do you spend time and effort creating images and posts but they're not shared or liked?


 Which is why I recorded this masterclass. In it I show you how to kick things into gear... no matter WHAT roadblocks are stopping you now!

Before you get a cuppa and settle in to watch I want to ask you...

 What would you do in about 30 days from now if you woke up, hit “refresh” on your email software... ... and found, highly-engaged subscribers hanging out on your contact list?

Would you... pre-sell that new online course you’ve been dreaming about? ... direct the right people to your new blog post or podcast? Or the webinar you’re about to host? Or promote that book you've written.


3 Secrets that you will learn:

1. How to create content that converts on LinkedIn with ease

2. How to nurture your new subscribers without spending hours on admin

3. How to create a funnel that encourages your new subscribers to take action towards becoming a buyer.

If you are finally ready to finally make your content work harder for you, without wasting hours of time on admin. To get ready to attract more of the right clients for you, then watch this playback of my Masterclass on How to Create Content that Converts on Linkedin.

WARNING - I recorded this live at lunchtime just before I went on holidays so there's going to be references to sandwiches and holidays and I was a bit giddy! So don't watch this hungry.

If you want access to the bonuses then just send my support team an email at:

[email protected] 

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