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How to Find Clients on LinkedIn

idealclient linkedin small business Feb 14, 2023
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Is your ideal client on LinkedIn? Have you tried networking with them and using the platform to grow your business?

If you are thinking about using the platform then the first step to this process is a little obvious... but I thought I'd mention it:

First you need to identify who your ideal client is!

They don't have to be a demographical audience like Women 25 to 54! Or Mums... or 6 Figure Business Owners. But they should at least have a "problem" that you can solve, credibly.

If you know who your ideal client is then your content needs to speak directly to them.

Often when I talk to my clients about content creation they immediately feel overwhelmed. But this is one of the things that I love about LinkedIn. You don't need to feel like you're a Hollywood Director to get traction here!

It’s easy to share different types of content on LinkedIn.

It’s much more forgiving than other networks.

It can be ANY of these… So you can choose the way that suits you to show up and share your expertise:

  1. Third Party Content with your opinion (sharing an article)
  2. A Text Only Post
  3. LinkedIn Poll 
  4. Post with image (single image or several)
  5. Upload a short video (ideally with captions)
  6. Document post (PDF report / white paper / visual)
  7. Share a shout-out to a client / supplier / team member
  8. LinkedIn Article / Newsletter (weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly)
  9. LinkedIn Live (ideally 30 minutes in length)
  10. LinkedIn Event
  11. Share that you are hiring
  12. An Audio Event

I've probably forgotten a few! There are so many options of easy ways to share your expertise, perspective.

To attract your future client you have to show them that you can help them to achieve the results that they want to achieve.

  • So look at your content objectively, is it clear how you help your clients?
  • Does it represent you (or did you copy someone else's post or branding?)
  • Is it useful for your client and related to the service that you offer?
  • Would you share it if it wasn't yours?

AND you can show up on LinkedIn and reach out to your ideal client without necessarily producing bundles of content.

Attract your ideal client by being a good listener and conversationalist on the platform:

  • Comment and share your client's content (because it's interesting and you're being genuine)
  • Reaching out in direct messages (the non sleazy way!)

If you can’t figure out how to reach your ideal client or how to get them to put their hand up so that you can talk to them and ultimately work with them, then get in touch.

You can reach out to me here by sending me a direct message.

You are so close to having the business you deserve. It's easy but it requires the right action.

If you want a LinkedIn to Leads Checklist of Ten things to do to improve how you use LinkedIn so you can grow more leads for your business then click this link:


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