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How to set goals and hit your revenue targets

goal marketing small business Oct 28, 2022

Back in the day when I worked in large media agencies, I'd be wrapping up the annual planning right now. Which got me thinking that I need to start doing my plan for next year!

Have you started?

What do you want to earn from your business? No matter what stage you're at whether it's Zero to Hero or 5 figures to 6 figures then you need a plan.

So that's where I come in!

My gift from me to you... a goal and money tracker.

Go register to get access to the Google Sheet and then open it and save your own copy.

This has been invaluable to me in growing the income in my business. To help me see how I need to simplify things and to learn what I need to do to make sure that I'm on track to hit my annual revenue total.

It's a little different to a annual projected cost analysis because it focuses on just money in. Both personal money, business money and also the value you get. I explain how to use it in a handy tutorial that you receive after registering.

Why just money in?

Because I've learned that when you're in growth mode you need to focus on abundance rather than lack. And when we focus on the bills and money out then we can get stuck in a cycle of negativity that then can lead us to come to a stand still.

I want you to believe that you can hit your dream target for next year. And that's why I'm sharing this with you now. At the end of October.


I want you to avoid getting confused and overwhelmed by all the shiny things. By the people who say ... you have a 10K day, you can have a 100K day. Honestly that really pisses me off. Who has a 10K day? Even if you're reading this and you do earn 10K on one particular day or 100K, the fact of the matter is that to achieve that you had a plan and a lot of actions to get there. You probably:

  • Built a list of some kind
  • Have a product or service to sell that you created
  • Actively promote that product or service
  • And then fulfill it either through a distribution channel or a coaching program or course or service

That all takes more time than one day. It takes planning, creating systems (even simple ones) and taking action.


What happens if you don't plan ahead and put the plan and the actions into your days, weeks and months to build the business that you want?

It's one thing having a dream, but another running a business. So if you want to have a 100K income, then how are you going to do it? If you want to hit 7 figures let's face it, you need a more than a plan.

When you fall down, what's going to pick you back up?

Because if you don't have a WHY then you sure as hell aren't going to spend a sunny day writing emails to your list! Or attending the networking event when you could be at home playing with your kids.

I want you to succeed. Why? Because most people who I work with, do good. They usually help people directly or indirectly.

So you deserve to earn a fortune!

But you need a plan. Go get to it!


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