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Is your online program already on sale?

online course teach online Dec 17, 2021

Are you worried about your online program being so unique that it's not available anywhere else? Stop right there.

And let me tell you that it's a good thing if people are already buying exactly the same thing that you want to create.

Think of the iPod - it was a different version of an MP3 player. I didn't buy an MP3 player but I bought and iPod for me, for my Mum and friends! Imagine if Apple decided not to market the iPod because it "already existed."

If you have a particular offer in mind to help your clients, it is a good idea to check if it has big enough market for you to make a living. So it's good if it's already out there.


Here's an easy way to check. Because if your idea for an online course is going to be successful, then it's likely to already be available, with people buying it.

Go to YouTube and do a search of your course idea. If there are lots of videos with lots of views on your subject then it's likely that you've got something that will work.

AND then go to Amazon and see are there any books out there with your idea. 

Here's an example:

Green Smoothies 

Type Green Smoothies into Google, you'll get over 149,000,000 results. Great.

Do the same in Amazon and you'll see there are lots of books on Green Smoothies, Cleansing diets etc. Some are selling well. Some aren't.

Now go and do the same for your idea. See if there are any nuances that are making the really successful versions of your idea sell more.

Remember people buy from people. There is a teacher for everyone. Someone else could tell you this exact story and you won't listen to them. But you'll listen to me. And it's the same for you.

If you want me to help you to plan, build and launch your program then I can help you.

  • What is already out there that is similar to what you are thinking of offering?
  • How are you going to help people?

When I'm developing a program I like to do it with other people so that I can get their advice, talk about how we're going to promote our courses, swap ideas. 

Which is why I run a group program on how to Plan, Build and Launch your online program twice a year. 

Imagine you could take your idea with my help and bring it to life. Start to create that passive income that you have dreamed about. Or scale your business and bring more clients into your life so you can make a bigger impact. Won't it be amazing?

What will your life be like when you achieve this?

I want to help you do plan, build and launch your program. So come on in and join me. Or get on the waitlist for the next program.

Click here to find out more about the 90 day program to launch your online program

If you have questions about how to create an online membership then let me know. 


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