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Nothing is for everyone

marketing small business solopreneur target audienc yoga teacher Sep 10, 2021
One wooden peg stands out from the others

The sooner that you can get your head around that and be really specific about who you can help with what, the more people that you can help.

Isn't that weird? It's counter-intuitive, but it's true.

By trying to talk to everyone it's more likely that you will reach no one.

But when you focus down on less people and spend time figuring out how to help them, then you are more likely to attract greater numbers to your wellness business.

So for example, I've worked in marketing for twenty years. I've managed huge accounts, L'Oreal, Volkswagen, Mastercard, Fáilte Ireland, Ryanair, Colgate, Chanel, and many more. But there's no point in me providing business coaching for everyone. Not everyone needs help with marketing, and that's my passion. And not everyone has a wellness business. I believe in supporting people who are interested in helping others, so that's what I do.

There's no point in me talking to everyone. I don't have the time or the resource and there are so many messages surrounding us that we have learned to filter out as much as we can. So if a message doesn't sound like it's for me, I'm probably not going to pay any attention to it.

So when I'm working with yoga teachers, like me, and they say that their workshop or retreat is for everyone, I know they need help. Nothing is for everyone.

First off, I would prefer to be strongly liked and disliked.

I want people to see what I do and clearly decide that they're either in or out. That's what I wish for my clients. Now obviously that's very rare.

I recommend that if are struggling to decide on your offering that you make it as closely aligned to you and your personal values as you can.

Being authentic and honest about what you offer can help people make decisions, particularly in a world where the lines are blurred and there is a lot of information surrounding us.

Secondly, clearly communicating how you can help someone in particular is much better than trying to talk to everyone because you have a stronger chance that they will recognise that your offer or class is for them.

Being relevant is so important. When you are sharing your marketing messages, on social or on email make sure that they're not too salesy and that they're relevant for who you want to talk to.

There's no point in posting a photo of you doing a side plank surrounded by loads of people on a sunny day for a class that's selling yoga to help with back injury in the middle of a pandemic when people can't be within 2 metres of each other and have to take the class online. It's too disjointed. And yet I have seen it on Instagram.

I understand it. I know that many marketing experts tell yoga teachers to put themselves more on social, so we find a photo we like and we post it. But the caption is equally important. Making relevant is crucial.

That's where placing yourself in someone else's shoes can really help.

You could post the same photo but say that it was a time after injury rehabilitation that you love to share because you know that after doing yoga to help with injury, someone just like you could feel so good that they too could do a side plank again...

Does that make sense?

If you were to make a small change in how you communicate your classes I recommend being true to yourself and deeply understanding your target audience (people that you want to come to your classes). Remember that nothing is for everyone. Picture who you will help and how and then talk about that.

If you need more help then I have loads of ways to help you.

I run free webinars with plenty of practical advice on marketing. Just visit my Facebook page and follow for more information.


I run frequent marketing strategy courses for heart centred solopreneurs often live so that you can ask questions:


So let me help you on your journey to attracting more of the right students to your classes and offerings.


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