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Why you should welcome your subscribers like a guest to your home

coach coaching business content marketing email marketing small business yoga teacher Mar 15, 2022

Do you have this funny idea about email marketing, that people who sign up to your email list don't want to be "bothered" by you?

Almost like you're embarrassed, maybe a little shy. Or not confident of what to say.

Here is the thing people. People decide that they're going to follow you because they want to hear more from you about a particular topic.

They want to hear from you. They want you to contact them.

I know that you might struggle with that, because I have. These days I do everything organically. But previously, when I ran lead generation ads I didn't have a welcome series. I didn't email people immediately, I was inconsistent in following up with people.

And that's a problem in two ways.

  1. It's a HUGE waste of money.
  2. It's rude to the people that you've invited into your community (otherwise known as your list)

So let's start with why it's a huge waste of money.

On Facebook, if you are running Lead Generation ads, when people put their details in, it actually happens automatically, so there's no thought required. Quite often the people don't remember even signing up for your email list.

So it's really important that if you run this kind of campaign, that you have the lead magnet or the information that you have offered ready to send immediately.

If they have signed up to your newsletter, give them what they have signed up for. Or if you have a lead magnet or information about your classes, you need to have it available to share immediately.

Otherwise it's a complete waste of money, people who sign up for a lead magnet, want to know more about what you offer. You're not "tricking them" into sharing their details. They know that you're going to have something more that you want to share. They realise that they want to buy something from you, at some stage.

AND your email subscribers are more likely to buy from you than people that you don't know! If you've spent time sharing things that relate to your offer, then it stands to reason that your subscribers want your help. So share how you can do that.

Secondly, let's just think about it from a human perspective.

Imagine inviting somebody over to a party. Imagine they arrive, they've been invited. But the host (YOU!) totally ignores their new guest for the rest of the night. You don't even take her jacket.

You don't introduce her to anybody. Hours later, she is absolutely parched. Her mouth is dry because no one has even offered her a drink.

You would NEVER do that in person.

But for some reason we ignore people online. Why?

When you welcome someone onto your email newsletter you need to email them every day or at least every other day. If they decide it's too much, they will unsubscribe.

You need to act like you would in person, introduce yourself, allow your new subscriber to understand what they're going to get next.

Ask them if they have downloaded the lead magnet that you shared with them. Ask them if it was useful or not.

Suggest that you're going to share something tomorrow. If you are a coach or a teacher or a content creator then you should have plenty to say about your topic. Plenty of ways to help people.

This is where you get to show them that you can help them. Sharing ways to help them. Let your new subscribers get to know you, so that they can decide whether or not they are interested in learning more from you.

Email is so powerful.

Make sure that it's in your voice, the way you speak, with your stories. And then don't be afraid to email people.

You will need a mixture of helpful, informative content and also selling. Because you can't help anyone deeply unless they buy something from you.

Now the welcome series itself...

It's easy to set these up. Every email provider offers them. Some, you need to pay for the automation and some you don't. I have used Mailerlite. It includes automation in its free package, up to 1,000 email addresses. Convertkit is really great and affordable, they have really easy to use landing pages.

There's loads out there.

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