Attention: Coaches & service based businesses. Have you got a LinkedIn profile that makes you and your services BUYABLE?

How to Create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that when people search for you online, one of the first results is your LinkedIn profile? Does yours showcase exactly what you do in a way that feels authentic but still builds credibility and authority?

You can attract more highly qualified leads for your One to One high ticket coaching clients on LinkedIn by showcasing your experience.

Your clients are there. After all there are 900 million users of LinkedIn in 2023. 44% of LinkedIn users take home more than $75,000 per year.

Make sure that when people who want to buy from you search for you on LinkedIn that your profile underlines all the reasons why they need to choose you. 

Learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to showcase your business to the right people, in this self paced course. Let's build your 5 Star LinkedIn Profile in just two hours!

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Are you getting the right connection requests on LinkedIn?

Create a profile that grabs the right clients attention...

People who know that you could help them might be searching for you online right now. What happens if they find your LinkedIn profile and notice that your professional story doesn't add up?

That's something that you can control.

So no matter what your level of activity is on LinkedIn, it's worthwhile having a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile. Because when you do a google search of your name, your profile will come up as one of the top listings...

When you look at your profile ask yourself:

  • Are you displaying enough authority in your field?¬†
  • Does everything that you share in your About Section add up to help them choose you?
  • Are you demonstrating your expertise by sharing information that can help them?
  • Is there a way for people to find out more about you?¬†

You could spend the time to get this right once and then go on with your life!

It's completely within your control to build your authority and credibility in your sector - so why wouldn't you spend time getting this right, even if that's all you do on LinkedIn?

Does this sound familiar?

You used LinkedIn when you worked in Corporate.

You've escaped that life but you know that there is an abundance of professionals and corporate organisations that can afford to hire you as their coach. But how do you show up there, now with the new you? You can't lean on the organisation and use a generic title. So what should your LinkedIn headline be now? How can you transition your experience to flow to what you do now?

You have different services for individuals and corporate organisations

So much talent, so much experience all listed in your About Section will just leave everyone confused. They won't understand who you work with. And unfortunately the confused mind says "NO!" You need an About Section that speaks clearly to your ideal client so that you can get them nodding their head and trying to figure out how to contact you!

LinkedIn has changed since you used it.

There's a banner at the top of the profile - some people put pictures in it. Some are grey and empty. Some look really professional. What should you use? 

What profile picture should you use? How can you get rid of the number in your profile url so that you can easily share it? And how do some people have hashtags that relate to exactly what they do? And does that even matter? How can people contact you? Some profiles have content featured, some don't. What should you feature and share?

After attending Elaine’s LinkedIn Training I gained new clients for the launch of my newest event. Great tips, personalised recommendations and really interactive. Anyone thinking of working with Elaine or attending her  training, go for it! Approachable and informative, Elaine is a wealth of knowledge.

- Kimberley Drain, Nourish Northern Mammas,

You need to learn how to use LinkedIn to showcase your talent and expertise.

The better your LinkedIn profile, the better your chances of connecting with thought leaders, capturing the attention of your ideal clients, and finding new growth opportunities.

How to Create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile

This isn't just about ticking the boxes and making sure you've got your SEO right. NO. This is about putting your personality into your profile.

Showing the authentic you, the one that is trying to attract clients and organisations that want to work with someone just like you. 

Because what is seen as being "professional" on LinkedIn has evolved (thankfully!) And it's your turn to shine and work with high ticket clients. 

But to do that, there are a few things that you've got to get right, and the first is your messaging. Your words. How you describe your service and your offers.

In this course you won't just get the workbook and the video tutorials with instructions of what to do. I've also included a 10 minute review of your profile so that you can get a mini-feedback session to help you to get it just right.

Elaine's course encouraged me to implement the LinkedIn profile changes and share the updated link with her. In response, she provided a personalised video recording, meticulously highlighting each aspect of my profile to make it captivating and meaningful. Since then, my LinkedIn presence has flourished, and I find immense joy in actively engaging and forging new connections. Moreover, my prospective clients within my country have praised my profile, further solidifying its impact.

- Namrata Vijayakar, The Nvable Design Company

 Let me Introduce:

How to Create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile 

Attract High Calibre One to One Coaching Clients Organically by making your LinkedIn Profile more buyable.

Create a 5 Star Headline that helps your perfect client find you. And explains how you help them.

Make your About Section Shine and appeal to your ideal client. To help you to establish your credibility. And overcome their objections.

Access Tutorials 

  • Canva Templates for your professional LinkedIn banner.
  • A library of easy to follow short 2 to 5 minute videos on how to use the LinkedIn tools to get your profile ready for action!

Video Feedback on your new 5 Star title 1 x short personalised feedback video for attendees that is recorded using Loom and shared  within the Facebook Group.

Templates for a professional banner template in Canva to use to round out your polished profile.

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Imagine this...

  • Creating a profile that allows you to own your story and present it in a way that people can buy it.
  • Knowing how to best capitalise on the innate professional networking capability of LinkedIn.
  • Having a professional profile¬†that you feel aligned to, that showcases your experience and builds on your credibility.
  • Having a clear and easy to understand¬†headline¬†on LinkedIn that tells potential clients exactly how you can help them.
  • Sharing your LinkedIn Profile at your next networking meeting and knowing it truly represents your business in the best possible light.
  • Joining a supportive community where you can get positive feedback from your peers and¬†a¬†marketing consultant¬†(that's me!) to¬†help your LinkedIn Profile look amazing!

Think about the opportunities it could bring you and your business...

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How to Create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile:

90 minute video training with a follow up personalised feedback video when you share your updated LinkedIn profile in the Facebook Group.

Start taking guided practical action to improve marketing your business on LinkedIn

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Immediate access to your Student Community & Accountability Group. 

Ask questions about the course in a supportive and private Facebook Group.

Real Time support provided within designated hours in the Facebook Group.

Regular Live Videos and tutorials hosted within the group.

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Templates & Swipe Files

Access templates and swipe files to help you create a professional profile.

  • Canva Templates for your professional LinkedIn banner.
  • A library of easy to follow short 2 to 5 minute videos on how to use the LinkedIn tools to get your profile ready for action!
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Hi, I'm Elaine

I'm here to make LinkedIn work for you. I have used LinkedIn to network and create business opportunities for the past ten years.

I love it as a social media platform because it's largely used to do business, so it's a bit more commercial than other platforms. And it doesn't require high end design to work. There are simple things you can do to stand out.

One of the major things I changed recently to build on my success, was changing my LinkedIn profile dramatically, rewriting my title to be focused on my ideal client, changing my profile to a Creator account so that I could do live videos, and reaching out to my ideal client, interacting on their posts and also using Sales Navigator.

So if you want me to help you to improve your profile, then sign up for my mini course "How to Create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile." 

xx Elaine

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‚ÄúI¬†joined¬†Elaine's online sessions on how to improve how I use LinkedIn to find new clients. I highly recommend Elaine's courses if you want to step up your social media.‚ÄĚ

- Ellen Badat, Purple Tree Solutions IT Business Owner. UK.

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This is for you if...

  • You are an experienced coach with strong credentials and a growing client list but your LinkedIn profile doesn't reflect this.
  • You know who your clients should be but the content that you've been producing isn't converting. 
  • You are comfortable with using social media to promote yourself and you're ready to learn how to best use LinkedIn.
  • You are a natural networker and happy to reach out to prospective clients on LinkedIn. You just need to know how.
  • You want to learn how to fill your calendar with regular calls so you can sign up more Clients.
  • You have time to set aside to reach out to future clients, using LinkedIn Direct Messaging. 
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What does it cost?


  • 90 minute mini course on How to Create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile ($247)
  • Canva Template to update your LinkedIn Banner ($17)
  • Video Training Worksheet ($47)
  • LinkedIn to Leads Cheatsheet ($17)
  • Lifetime access to a Library Bank of tutorials to introduce you to LinkedIn's main profile features (127)
  • Recorded Feedback Video Personalised Tutorial for your¬†revised LinkedIn Profile following the training available in the Facebook Group.¬†($227)
  • Private Facebook Group¬† to ask questions about your business and receive advice and peer to peer support open for a month. (priceless)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Now is the time to take action. Why?

Because changing your title and improving your LinkedIn profile is a really small change that will make a big difference. 

And you don't have to spend loads of time creating content, once your profile is ready then so are you. Just get out there and start interacting with others, while you get your content ready!

So join me NOW. Do this. 2023 is your year to grow your high ticket business. 

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Refund policy 

I'm going to be honest and say I can't guarantee results because everyone's ability to take action is different.

I am confident that I can help you. But sometimes things happen and people need their money back. So within 7 days of your purchase if you need your money back then you can let me know this in writing via email. I will issue you a full refund.

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