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Actually Master the Use of Content Teasers for LinkedIn Success

content marketing content strategy linkedin May 20, 2024
Actually Master the Use of Content Teasers for LinkedIn Success

Are you launching you podcast episodes, blog posts or your offers straight up with no fanfare? Or are you giving little hints that something fabulous is about to drop? Here's the thing, there is soooooo much content out there and so much competition that sometimes you need to create a little hype about what's coming...

Let's think about how they do it on TV...

It's not that long ago when you had to wait a whole week before you found out what happened next? A whole week, sometimes a summer without knowing and the anticipation of that...

Like when it was all about "Who killed JR?"

I was only a kid for that particular frenzy worthy episode of Dallas but my aunt had a party in her house and everyone went and watched the episode together! Imagine that kind of event TV. Those were the days!

There were no spoiler alerts back then! But even still if we come back to relatively modern times. I get very excited at the thought of a new Bluey episode that I haven't seen twenty times!

That feeling of anticipation builds excitement. It something that marketers try to emulate but often the over-estimate how excited their audience can get from their advertising campaign. (Honestly detergent is just detergent!)

BUT when you get it right then it can really work to your advantage and build attention for just the right moment so that you can get the right people reading your post or buying your offer.

So are you ready to create that sense of anticipation in your content to build curiosity about your next offer or project?

Let's call them Content Teasers. But what are they?

They're short previews of upcoming content or offerings designed to spark curiosity and leave you wanting more.

For example a post or a story or a video: "Get ready to learn how you can sign 5 more clients by Tuesday! Our upcoming blog post will show you exactly how to deliver a powerful message at networking to help fill your calendar with the right people. It's available tomorrow at www.elainewalshmcgrath.com/blog"

In your content teaser you need to:

  1. Build Anticipation: By offering a glimpse of what's to come, you create excitement and anticipation among your audience.
  2. Drive Engagement: Spark curiosity and encourage your followers to come back to your account for the full reveal, boosting engagement. Encourage them to click on the bell on your LinkedIn account to see when you post.
  3. Establish Authority: Showcasing your expertise through teasers positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

How to Get your Content Teasers right:

  1. Be Intriguing, Not Revealing: Keep it tantalizing but leave enough to the imagination. You want to tease, not spill all the beans!
  2. Focus on Benefits: Highlight the value or benefits your audience can expect from the upcoming content or offering.
  3. Create Visual Appeal: Use eye-catching visuals or multimedia elements to grab attention and enhance your teaser's impact.
  4. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA): Encourage your audience to stay tuned or take a specific action, such as signing up for updates or joining a waitlist.
  5. Stay Consistent: Make teaser posts a regular part of your content strategy to maintain momentum and keep your audience engaged.

Try to avoid these:

  1. Giving Away Too Much: Resist the temptation to share all the details. The goal is to tease, not spoil the surprise.
  2. Overhyping: While enthusiasm is great, avoid overselling or making exaggerated claims that could lead to disappointment. This is not the greatest thing since sliced bread (even if we think it is!!)
  3. Ignoring Feedback: Pay attention to audience reactions and adjust your approach based on their feedback and engagement levels.

So think about it. How could you take your next project and create a feeling of excitement and anticipation around it by not giving all the information away? But instead focusing on the possible outcome when your followers experience the next part of the story?

That curiosity is part of being human. It can be the difference between someone being interested or scrolling on by your content. If you give it a try make sure to tag me into the post.

You've got this!


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