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Create Content that Converts on LinkedIn

content marketing linkedin Jun 07, 2023

Has your content on LinkedIn been a bit hit and miss? Do you spend time and effort creating images and posts but they're not shared or liked?

The Right Content will Show Your Ideal Client that You're the One for Them

It will act like a giant magnet and draw them closer to you.


On LinkedIn, creating content that gets your noticed can be so EASY!

What are you waiting for? Scroll, click and register for this Masterclass.


If you spend an hour with me, where you can ask questions about how to create content that converts for you on LinkedIn.How would that change your business?

What would you do in about 30 days you had raised your profile, grown your visibility in front of the right clients for you?

What would you do if you have more of the right people subscribing to your list?

Would you... pre-sell that new online course you’ve been dreaming about? ... direct the right people to your new blog post or podcast? Or the webinar you’re about to host?


Here's what I'm going to cover:

1. What is the Right Content to Create so that you can build your visibility on LinkedIn with ease?

2. How to Nurture your New Subscribers without Spending Hours on Admin.

3. Create a Funnel that Encourages your New Subscribers to take Action.

Enjoy the replay of the Masterclass that was recorded on 7th June 2023. Some of the offers in this video will have expired depending on when you watch it.

The LinkedIn to Leads Group Program is launching on the 21st June and will run for 12 weeks.

Drop me an email at [email protected] if you want to register for the program or get on the waitlist for the next round.


 Kimberley from Nourish Northern Mammas took action after a LinkedIn Masterclass and signed two new clients to her next event.

So yes, a freebie, a free hour with me can give you results.

Imagine what spending 12 weeks with me could do for your business...

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