How to Create a Show Stopping LinkedIn Headline

Do you deserve a follow on social media?

coaching content marketing social media Apr 28, 2022

Does your social profile draw people towards you?

Are you actively making it worthwhile for your ideal client's to follow you? Do you have good content?

It can help you to attract your ideal high ticket clients if you have the right tools in place.

I struggled with this, just as much as anyone. When I started on Instagram a long time ago, it was all about posting where you were or what you were eating or where you were traveling to. And when I was on LinkedIn it was really serious, and dry. But things have moved on. So if you are using social media to connect people to your business, then you have to change how you post.

Think, what are you doing to welcome people into your business?

Are you focusing on them? Are you talking about what might inspire them?
Take a moment to pretend that you are your ideal client and look at your social media objectively. Ask yourself, is this actually inspiring or does it give good advice? Would my dream client walk away with three tips that would help them?
Does your Bio on Instagram, or your LinkedIn title or your Facebook profile say how you help people? If they track you down when they interact with one of your posts will they see that you are the one they've been searching for (literally!)

Are you giving people something tangible? Something that shows value.

Is it obvious that you can solve their problem, or give them the opportunity that they are really dreaming of?So honestly, go and have a look at your social media and see is it doing that?
I've been growing audiences since Adam was boy. I've been in the business of marketing since the nineties. So I know a thing or two about growing audiences, but here's the thing. I love social media because it is reasonably democratic.
If you've got good content that is on brand for you where you use the prioritised format of the individual platform that you're on then stop worrying about the algorithms.
Good content is good content. Think short videos for Tik ToK and Instagram, They're great for reach.
Maybe you're thinking, you can't do that. Go and look at my one. I'm sitting on a chair sharing advice about marketing. You could do that in your niche.
On LinkedIn you could use polls, or simple text posts do really well, as do articles. And also the same videos that you use on Instagram!
On Facebook, un-edited photos are great. Or conversation starters, for example, asking in plain text does anyone need 5 tips to get your child to sleep easily. Comment below and I'll DM you the resource.
This might seem like a lot of work. But it's not when you have a strategy and you stick to it. If you have a goal that you want to achieve and you have aligned what you say with achieving that goal.
So ask yourself before you post again:
  • Does this help my client?
  • Is it in line with my strategy?
  • Will it give me something that I can measure as a business result?
If you don't know then go and do some research.

Ask your clients what they need help with. Talk to them about what they really want in their future, how they want to feel.

Put work into your marketing strategy. Define what your unique value proposition is, define your ideal client, clarify your service offering. Create your communication pillars.
That will help you build a foundation for your business that you can build a brick upon brick of messaging that supports both you and your clients.
Then you won't feel overwhelmed. You will start to see growth and engagement.
If you need help with that then get in touch. I have three spaces left for my One to One clients for my M.A.R.K.E.T. Program for May. Where I help highly skilled coaches and consultants to attract their dream clients so that they can create the life that they want. Just DM me and let's chat.

In the meantime if you want to get a checklist to help you improve your activity here on LinkedIn register here:

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