How to Create a Show Stopping LinkedIn Headline

Freebie Friday. Grab what you need to Grow your List!

black friday free kajabitrial lead magnet social media Nov 24, 2022

What’s better than discounting on Black Friday? Freebie Friday! If you need to learn how to use social media to grow your business then I’m going to share my freebies with you. 

It’s up to you to choose what you need help with:

Make your earning dreams come true by committing to your goals and using a money tracker.

Grab your tracker here

Help with creating a lead magnet which is just a way to draw future clients (lead) towards you (magnet).

Check out my 40 Lead Magnet Ideas Workbook

Need a handy checklist to make sure that you’re getting the most out of LinkedIn.

Grab my LinkedIn to Leads Checklist

Want to watch a free training on How to Sell on Social Without the Ick?

Click here

How about a 30 day free trial of Kajabi so you can start creating your own courses?

Click here

What about using my Ideal Client Vision Board Canva Template to create a visual collage of your client’s life?

Check it out by clicking here

(Watch out for the emails with the extras that come your way!)

 I hope they bring you delight and success. So you can work less and earn more.

Elaine x


Get my LinkedIn to Leads Checklist.

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