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How Flashback Posts Can Inspire Your Customers and Clients

Apr 29, 2024
How Flashback Posts Can Inspire Your Customers and Clients

Are you sharing the moments that have changed your business? Those milestones? Perhaps something that happened last year and how you have grown from there? A business birthday, a funding achievement, your first employee? These moments give your customers an inside peak into your world. Are you taking these opportunities to build trust in your content?

As coaches and service-based businesses, our journey is more than just a series of revenue goals and programs sold; it's a narrative of growth, challenges, and triumphs. Each step that we take, along the way shapes not only our business but also the way we connect with our audience. One powerful way to share this journey and inspire our customers and clients is through flashback posts.

But there is one rule... it has to be relevant for the people that you are trying to call in to become clients, otherwise they'll scroll by. So as you think about what flashback posts you can create to engage your followers, do a sense check and think about how you can frame the celebration so that it's meaningful for them.

  1. Celebrating Milestones:

Flashback posts allow us to highlight significant milestones and achievements in our business journey. Whether it's the launch of a new product, the anniversary of our company's founding, or a personal achievement, these milestones represent moments of growth and progress. By sharing these milestones, we not only celebrate our successes but also inspire our audience to dream big and pursue their goals.

What milestone have you recently celebrated in your business? What did you learn from it that you could share?

  1. Reflecting on Growth:

Looking back on our journey provides an opportunity for reflection and introspection. Flashback posts can include stories of challenges overcome, lessons learned, and personal growth experienced along the way. By sharing these reflections, we show our audience that success is not always linear, but rather a journey filled with ups and downs. This transparency and authenticity resonate with our customers and clients, inspiring them to persevere in their own endeavours.

How could something you learned this quarter help a future client?

  1. Building Connection:

One of the most powerful aspects of flashback posts is their ability to create a connection and build relationships with our audience. By sharing moments from our past, we invite our customers and clients to be part of our story. This sense of inclusion creates a deeper bond between us and our audience, fostering loyalty and trust. When our audience sees themselves reflected in our journey, they feel a sense of kinship and are more likely to engage with our brand or business.

It doesn't always have to be the highs that we share, sometimes honestly sharing what we were struggling with last year, and how we overcame it, can help build trust and credibility with our audience.

  1. Inspiring Gratitude:

Flashback posts also provide an opportunity to express gratitude for the support of our customers and clients. Whether it's thanking them for their loyalty, their feedback, or their contributions to our success, expressing gratitude strengthens our relationship with our audience. By acknowledging the role they play in our journey, we inspire feelings of appreciation and reciprocity, further deepening the connection with our audience.

  1. Encouraging Action:

Ultimately, the goal of sharing flashback posts is to inspire action in our audience. Whether it's pursuing their own dreams, overcoming challenges, or supporting our business, we want our audience to feel motivated and empowered. By sharing our journey authentically and transparently, we inspire our customers and clients to take meaningful action in their own lives.

Flashback posts are a powerful tool for inspiring our customers and clients. By celebrating milestones, reflecting on growth, fostering connection, expressing gratitude, and encouraging action, we can inspire our audience to dream big, persevere through challenges, and support our business along the way.

Are you celebrating your milestones, achievements and memories with your followers and customers?

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