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How to Build a Relationship with your Connections

Apr 02, 2024

In your everyday life are you the person that listens to your friends, family, clients problems and thinks I've got just the thing to help with that? Or I know just the person they should chat with to sort that issue out.

Do you have a list of talented people that you share with your loved ones? Doctors, physios, yoga teachers, tutors, piano teachers, painters, plumbers. You name it, when you enjoy an experience you share it with others.

That's just you.

I love bringing people together too. I think that's why I love LinkedIn and Networking. They're such a perfect combo. I can easily introduce people that I meet and know that they can help each other.

That's one aspect of sharing.

What about your knowledge?

If you know that you can help your clients to improve their lives, how are you sharing this?

  • Are you doing talks at your network?

  • Do you share a consult call?

  • Do you run webinars?

How do you bring someone from being a stranger to your business to knowing what you do and how you can help them?

Sharing can really help people to understand what it's like to become a client.

Do you have something that you can share with others that will help them get to know you?

It can be anything...

  • A spreadsheet

  • An audio of a meditation

  • A tutorial

  • Checklist

  • Canva Template

It can really help if you have something to offer. It's exactly like how you would act in real life when you are getting to know someone. You build a relationship by sharing. Humour, stories, personal experience, information.

The next time you need to reach out to someone after being introduced, wouldn't it be great if you could say to them, I've got a really handy checklist that helps with that exact issue... would you like me to share it with you...

That is exactly what I do when someone new follows me. I reach out and say thank you. And then I ask them what kind of information they are interested in. And I ask if they'd like one of the resources that I have based on what they tell me. It's a back and forth conversation. If they don't answer, then I don't force myself on them!

What do you do when people connect with you or follow you?

Do you have a resource that you can share with someone new?

Instead of wondering what to pull together, and putting this to the end of your list. I'm going to share a one hour easy to follow along training where I show you how you can use Canva Pro and Chat GPT to create your lead magnet. That shareable item.

So that the next time a conversation stalls on LinkedIn, you can open it back up again and offer something to your new connection or new follower.

Sound good?

Click here to book your ticket if you would prefer to pay in sterling.

Click here to book your ticket if you would prefer to pay in euro.

Becca from The Healing Space said "Elaine that's the best money I ever spent. It was so useful." Because these training sessions are highly practical action taking spaces.

AND there's a replay.

Looking forward to seeing what you're going to share next when you are running your webinar or posting on LinkedIn. So that you can grow a list of buyers.

If you have any questions just reach out to [email protected] 



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