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How to Grow your List with Ease

email marketing small business Dec 27, 2022
Word that say How to Grow your Email List with Ease. Attract the Right Clients to Grow your Business. Picture of Elaine Walsh-McGrath showing from a Tablet Computer.

Have you ever blamed yourself and your experience for poor sign ups to one of your courses?

Perhaps thought that you need to do a better, more acclaimed version of the professional accreditation that you already have?

Here's the thing, you don't. It's not you. It's not your training. It's your marketing!

When talented teachers or coaches put lots of effort into launching their latest courses or programs and get little or no uptake it breaks my heart. I know that they are amazing and have so much to share.

They often assume that they "aren't enough." Which isn't true.

They say that they "did everything to promote their offering." Again incorrect. Because even though they might have shared on social media, and reached out to groups they are part of, if they don't have a list of potential customers, then it makes it really hard to get sign ups.

In 2023 I want to help more businesses grow and scale with ease.
I am offering a short course on how to you can Grow a List with Ease. It includes:
- A Training Video (that was recorded in front of a live audience) to show you how to Grow your List with Ease when you use the right tools to attract the right people.
- A follow up Personal Recorded Video Feedback session within the Private Facebook Group.
- A 40 Lead Magnet Ideas Workbook PDF
- A recorded tutorial on How to host your Lead Magnet
- A recorded tutorial How to Create an Automated Email Welcome Series.
- 5 different Lead Magnet Canva Templates to customise and use as your own with Accompanying Canva Training Tutorial on how to use the templates.
- Private Facebook Group to receive peer to peer support and further resources on how to Attract your Ideal Clients.

Find out more here:

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