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How to keep your messaging on track

coaching business content marketing email marketing marketing small business Apr 13, 2022
Are you wasting lots of time chasing after the next shiny object? Spending lots of time doing lots of things but nothing is working well enough, or so it seems, to make an impact.
When people tell you that you should be launching a podcast, or doing Tik Tok or Reels or spending time direct messaging people on social, what is your first reaction? Are they right? Should you? Do you know the answer?

A Marketing Strategy could help you to decide how to communicate and share your message.

Do you have one? Can you describe your business in a sentence? Are you able to say who you help? Do you know what to say or where to say that will turn strangers into buyers?
It makes life a lot easier if you can be specific about how you help your clients, and you know who they are.

Think about businesses with millions of dollars to spend, they break their businesses down into different brands to allow them to do this very job.

Let's take shampoo as an example, Garnier, L'Oreal, L'Oreal Professional, are all owned by L'Oreal but they appeal to different clients. Same with make-up. Maybelline, L'Oreal, Lancome, all owned by the same company but have different ideal buyers.
They have a huge organisation, with marketing departments all over the world to help them to communicate. And you just have you. So wouldn't it make life so much easier if you had one Marketing Strategy and everything fell out of it?
Here is a really quick way to start creating your strategy:
  1. Think about what you offer and write it down.
  2. Think about your ideal client and describe how you can make them feel.
  3. Then grab your computer and let's see what your competitors are doing.
  • What offer are your competitors communicating the most?
  • Who do they seem to be talking to?
  • What channels are they using?
  • Where are they absent?
Think about a service or brand that you look up to as an industry leader. What are they doing?
How about a service or product that are in no way related to you, but appeal to your ideal client? What are they doing on social media? What do they offer their clients?

When you do this work you might notice a beautiful white space that nobody is taking that no one is owning.

Perhaps an ideal client, quite like who you instinctively thought of, who isn't being served, or the offer, how you're going to provide your service might need a little tweak to make it stand out from everyone else.
This is more complex than working on your niche or figuring out your ideal client. But it's also the piece of the puzzle that will help you to understand what tactics you should use that will grow your client list. And that will save you so much time AND money.
Because I know that many of you think that hiring a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr to design your social media assets will save you lots of time and money. But if you don't know what your Marketing Strategy is then how can someone who isn't as close to your business understand it? Hiring someone to do your marketing and not being able to give them a clear brief is a complete waste of time and resource.

But when you do have all of that information then life is so much easier

And if don't enjoy marketing your business, with the right brief you can hand it over to someone else.
The dream I have for my clients is to help them to market their offering in such a way that it is communicated incredibly clearly to the right people the first time around. I want their messaging to act like it's a member of their team. Because quite often my clients' don't have a team. But your marketing, with the right systems in place can grow your list, which in turn can grow your business.
If you need help with understanding how you can use marketing to grow your business then let's talk. It's time for you to grow your business and enjoy the life that you dreamt your business would create.

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