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How to Prepare for Success in your Business and your Content

coaching coaching business content marketing Jun 21, 2023

Do you love summer time as much as I do? I’m a fair weather sea swimmer so I love this time of the year. And recently it brought me so much joy when my little lady, Síofra pumped her arms in victory and delight and said. “Mamma me swimming.”

We had been to the beach that day, and I had carried her into the water. Or as she calls it “My Sea.” 

It’s a triumph on two fronts. One, just to have my daughter like the same thing that I do is so cool! But also Síofra has Down Syndrome and she also has sensory processing issues. So the sea was too loud for her only 18 months ago. But we invested in sound therapy, both time and money and she can do so much more as a result. And one of those things is to go to the beach even with big loud waves. Woo hoo!

What joy. 

Happiness and success are different for everyone.

Often it’s measured by material wealth, the next car, a second holiday, a big house and that’s ok. It’s a very personal thing.

And that’s the key. What I define as success may not be in the slightest bit motivating for you.

But if you want to grow a successful business then you need to figure out what it means for you.

And if you are a coach and you want to help others to achieve success then you need to understand what it is for for your clients.

In your content, you need to show your future clients that they can achieve the life they want. AND That you are the person to help them to do it.

So look at these tips in two different ways. First of all think about them for yourself. But then read them again and think, am I communicating this? Is it apparent in my content?

Do you want to be successful?

Here are 9 things that I want you to think about:

  1. Define it. Describe what it looks like for you.
  2. Take action every day towards achieving that success
  3. Make sure that your self image aligns with your current vision of success and your future success.
  4. Be enthusiastic about what you are building to help you achieve your goal
  5. Create curiosity, interest, about your business. Build your knowledge and belief. Know that what you are doing is worthwhile
  6. Surround yourself with the right people who will cheer you on
  7. Engage a coach or a mentor to hold you accountable to make sure that you're taking the right actions
  8. Practise success. Take small steps every day to reach your goal.
  9. Allow yourself to receive. And I mean enjoy receiving compliments, offers of coffees and of course bookings! Make sure that you are ready to receive everything that will bring you on the path to your goal.

Define it

What are you striving to achieve? You don’t need to know what each step of the process looks like, but knowing the destination helps.

Take daily action 

Every day you should do at least one thing to get towards your goal. There’s no point in wanting to work less but cramming work into your every waking hour. Start building for the future. 

Self Image

If you don’t think that you are a successful person. If you don’t believe in your ability then it will come across, either at networking meetings or in your content. Taking time to build up your confidence is just as important as doing lots of discovery calls. 


Genuine enthusiasm for what you are doing will help you to take the right actions to help you to achieve success. It will resonate with people. They’ll feel your energy. Think about the last time you hung out with someone who filled up the room with enthusiasm. How did you feel? Now I’m not talking about narcissistic enthusiasm where it’s all about me, me, me. That leads me neatly on to the next point…


Being curious about others, and your subject matter will help you achieve success. Trying to understand more deeply how you can use your experience to help others to shine brings success to your door, particularly when you can demonstrate the positive outcomes that they can achieve.

The right network

Are you hanging out with negative nellies? Are you surrounding yourself with people who can’t help but moan about the state of the nation and the cost of living crisis. That will just bring you down. So remember to network with cheerleaders. With people who are running successful businesses. Or people who have managed to get the balance in life that you want for your life. When you’re around them, you’ll notice the small habits they have in place that you can learn too.

Stay on the path with accountability

Who is holding you accountable? Invest in a coach or find a mentor. Make sure that they have the right experience for you. That they will support you to take the right actions to help you to achieve your goals. And choose someone that you can be honest with so that they know exactly what you’re really doing!

Practise success

Set yourself daily tasks that you get better at each day. My clients' content improves step by step. You can’t start posting and get an immediate influx of new followers and huge engagement. You have to improve step by step. Every sales call isn’t going to necessarily convert, because it takes time to get better. But you’ve got to practise and learn.

Are you ready to receive?

How are you going to receive the success you deserve if you won’t even take a compliment? So next time you are out with a friend and they offer to pay for the coffee, accept. You can pay next time (and you don’t need to say that, just receive with thanks.) Check all of your social media accounts and make sure that it’s easy for people to get in touch with you. Make sure that it’s easy to pay you. 

That’s how you prepare to be successful. Because you’ve got this. And it’s your time to enjoy the success, however you define it, and welcome it into your life.

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