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Is Inconsistent Action on LinkedIn Costing you Clients?

coaching business linkedin small business Apr 26, 2023
Text that says Is Inconsistent Action on LinkedIn Costing you Clients? Beside a picture of a computer that has Elaine Walsh-McGrath sitting in her office ready to present. The backdrop has shelves and pictures. They are black and white.

Recently I've heard a lot of really successful entrepreneurs, like Denise Duffield Thomas, speak to the fact that one of the reasons for their success was consistency.

So I wanted to share my perspective on that with you. Because I've worked for some of the biggest brands in the world. And consistency isn't just about when you show up, Monday through Friday! Or your logo.

Here are a couple of things that I want to cover off to help you, so that you're not unwittingly self sabotaging:

1. On social media be specific about how you help people.

2. Stick to what you say you do in as many places as possible.

3. Simplify your message so that your aunt could tell her neighbours what you do!

Can you can help people in lots of different ways? I can.

I have lots of different passion points. I'm highly qualified to teach these different subjects. BUT realistically if I gave them all equal weight, it would confuse the hell out of everyone who interacts with me on social media.


The best thing to do is simplify your messaging and niche down. These days I focus on helping my clients to use LinkedIn to lands clients, and as part of that to improve their content strategy.

How can you get really specific about what you do?

If I said on social media that I could help with LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook ads. That I could build an amazing sales funnel, I was a Kajabi expert, I can teach yoga, I can fix your Ads strategy, I can recommend how to manage clients, how to market your business on radio, outdoor and cinema...

Well it's overwhelming isn't it?

But here's the thing I can do all of those things. And I've won awards and accolades for Content Strategy, Digital Sponsorship, and Media Strategy. I've run a yoga business teaching kids, pregnancy yoga, birth preparation! But I don't talk about that. WHY?

Because the confused mind says no.

It's too much.

"People would think" How could Elaine possibly do all of that? (I can and I have!) but that's not how our brains work.

That's why big brands have one predominant colour scheme, have one over-riding message, and the different products that fall under that big brand are dealt with in store when your mind has already, largely been made up.

So what's your consistent message?

  1. What's the biggest result that you can achieve for your ideal client?
  2. How can you get really specific?
  3. Then how can you be consistent about that?

You're not being disloyal to all the things you love doing and all the different ways that you can help people! You can still do those things, but you need to think strategically about how you communicate them.


Remember, that the majority of information about you online is self controlled. If you say you're a coach, your website says you're a coach, your google business entry says you're a coach, on LinkedIn you say you're a coach then that's what people will find.

When you know what it is, then go and change your LinkedIn profile, your Instagram BIO, your personal Facebook Page, your website to all say the same thing, even your old Twitter handle.

Make it your 40 second message at networking.

Keep it simple.

Make it something that's easy to remember and for someone to be able to share on your behalf. 

We all fall down when it comes to being consistent, so let's not beat ourselves up about it. It's ok to miss a day of posting, or even a month! As long as what you have in place keeps working when you're not available. If you're consistent then it will.

Hope that helps.

Go have a look at what you've been doing and put on your objective glasses and see, are you being consistent?


P.S. If you need help with being consistent here on LinkedIn then go grab my LinkedIn to Leads Checklist so that you can print it out (For FREE) and take the right action to grow your profile here on LinkedIn https://rebrand.ly/linkedin-to-leads-checklist  

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