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Maximizing Engagement: The Art of using Polls on LinkedIn

linkedin Dec 31, 2023
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Do you share a poll only to get two responses? If you're lucky! You see other creators share them and they seem really popular but you can't get them to work? Here's the thing. Like anything once you have a little know how they will work.

But let's start at the beginning...

Why Polls and Surveys Matter on LinkedIn:

In the dynamic landscape of LinkedIn, creating meaningful connections is key. Polls and Surveys serve as interactive gateways to your audience's thoughts, preferences, and pain points. They not only spark engagement but also provide invaluable insights that can shape your content strategy and offerings.

Unlocking the Potential: 5 Tips for Effective Use of Polls:

1. Relevant and Relatable Topics:

Are you tailoring your polls and surveys to topics directly relevant to your audience? Whether it's industry trends, challenges they face, or their preferences in services, aligning with their interests ensures higher participation and engagement.

2. Strategic Timing and Frequency:

Timing matters. Do you know when your audience is most active? Be mindful of the frequency; too many polls in a short span may lead to fatigue. Space them out strategically to maintain interest.

3. Encourage Participation with the opportunity for a different answer:

Are you giving your followers the option to offer you a different solution? Or to add more to what they have chosen?

Offering "Other" with "Please comment below" can give you answers that you haven't thought of.

4. Share Results and Insights:

After the poll or survey concludes, share the results and provide insights. This not only adds transparency but also acknowledges the contribution of your followers. It's an opportunity to initiate further discussions based on the findings.

5. Inject Personality and Creativity:

Inject your unique style into your polls and surveys. Whether it's adding a touch of humour, or framing questions in a creative manner, make them an extension of your brand personality. This not only makes the interaction enjoyable but also reinforces your brand identity.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

1. Overly Promotional Surveys:

Avoid surveys that feel like thinly veiled promotional tactics. While it's natural to gather insights for your business, ensure the primary focus is on providing value to your audience. People are more likely to engage if they sense authenticity.

2. Ignoring Results:

Engagement doesn't end with the poll. Take the time to analyze the results, draw meaningful conclusions, and apply them to your business strategy. Ignoring the insights gained diminishes the potential impact of your efforts.

3. Neglecting Interaction:

Respond to comments and engage in conversations sparked by your polls. Neglecting interaction defeats the purpose of fostering a community. Acknowledge the contributions of your audience and make them feel heard.

4. Complicated Questions:

Keep questions clear and concise. Complicated or convoluted questions may discourage participation. Ensure that your audience can easily understand and respond without feeling overwhelmed.

Or topics that people don't like to share their opinion on. For example, if you're a money coach or a business coach, you might like to know how people feel about money but they may not wish to share openly that they are struggling on a platform where they are trying to find clients...

5. Overlooking Privacy Concerns:

Respect privacy concerns, especially when dealing with sensitive topics. Clearly communicate how the data will be used and assure participants of confidentiality. This builds trust and encourages more honest responses.

On LinkedIn you will be able to see who voted for the different options, but keep that information private for your information.

Are you going to start using more polls in your content?

By strategically integrating Polls into your LinkedIn content strategy, you not only enhance engagement but also cultivate a community eager to be a part of your journey.

They have helped me to create my Content Membership. In 2022 I reached out with a poll to find out what my followers needed help with. It never occurred to me that people were struggling with knowing what to post. But each time I've asked a similar question since then, I get the same answer. It's always that content is the issue.

So what's the burning issue for you? Perhaps you'll get some insight with a LinkedIn Poll...

So, let's turn curiosity into conversation, and insights into impactful connections! 

Want ideas on how you can improve your LinkedIn activity? Grab this LinkedIn to Leads Checklist:


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