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Social Media isn't All About You

coaching business content marketing social media yoga teacher Mar 22, 2022

If that's confusing don't worry. I know lots of people are told to be their authentic selves on social media, and then struggle with how to translate that for their ideal client. If that's you, then keep reading.

Think about the last time that you walked by a shop window that caught your eye. That drew you in.

Was it that the shop window was organised in such a way to show you how to use the products? With the right colours mixed together, the right lighting. Can you remember what appealed to you?

Perhaps it was a clothing store. Did it have mannequins in the window? Showing how to put the clothes together with all the right accessories. A good shop window has got, a way of saying "Hey this is for you. Come in." It features people, but in a way that you can picture yourself wearing the clothes,

The shop most likely was authentically positioned apart from all the other shops on the street.

It had different products, perhaps it made you feel a certain way that other stores just don't. But how it attracted you was by appealing to you.

And that's it. If you can get that, it's half the battle.

Yes you need to be authentically you.

In the way you present yourself, in what you do, in how you offer your service. But all your messaging needs to say "Hey, I can help you. My classes can help you. My coaching course can help you."

You need to feature so that people can say, oh yes that teacher is for me. She is approachable. Or I need help from that coach, she is the expert I need.

So what you share needs to reflect your style but in such a way that is relevant to your ideal client so that they can recognise that it is for them.

The next piece of the puzzle to why your content may not be getting much traction is in the DNA of social media.

The word SOCIAL.

Who would go to a party and just be like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All about themselves. If they actually were interested in other people.

If you want to coach, to teach, to help then you're most likely interested in other people. So you need to talk to other people, and ask them about them. Just like you would at a party. In someone's house.

Before you post something today, look at it again and ask yourself who am I trying to help here? And then reframe your experience, and what you want to share.

Open the conversation.

We all do it. In the first draft of a post that I shared yesterday I initially said "here's a link to my Masterclass that I'm running tomorrow." Then I realised that I was not communicating that what I was going to share would help anyone other than myself in the way that I wrote it.

The facts were still the same. There is a Masterclass about How to use Content to Grow your List." But the way I wrote it meant nothing to anyone other than me. I asked myself "So what? Who gives a sh1t?"

Then I thought, well coaches who are spending ages designing, posting, content sporadically and not seeing any sales and then have no regular income, they would really benefit from coming and spending an hour at this Masterclass because it would help them to see how posting the right content and having the right systems in place could give them a pipeline of prospective high ticket clients.

But that's WAY too long for Facebook!

So I rewrote it.

It's that simple. The facts that you post are still the same. But the nuance is that it needs to be heard by your ideal client, so it has to be in their language, asking them the right questions, and it has to be relevant to them.

Because Social Media isn't all about you.

If you need more help with this then I can help you. It is easier than you think, it doesn't need to take up your brain, or the hours that you could be spending either working as a teacher or a coach or indeed pursuing your hobby or being with your family.

Watch the replay of my Masterclass: How to Create Content that Grows your List.




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