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day of voxer kajabi linkedin marketing course Jan 05, 2023

Thank you for supporting me in the past year and following me on LinkedIn. I really appreciate it. Let's celebrate the New Year together and get your marketing to bring the best leads to your business. Here are some LinkedIn only discounts for my courses, services, and my 6 week one to one coaching program. This very program follows exactly what I did to improve my LinkedIn Profile and start reaching out to find new clients. The steps I took resulted in tripling my revenue in Q1 2022.

Clients that have done my courses have told me that when they take the action that I advise, they increase their clients, one, Kimberley Drain from Nourish Northern Mammas secured two new clients immediately after my LinkedIn Workshop.

If you need more clients in 2023, invest in yourself and take advantage of my LinkedIn Pals coupon!

How to Grow your List with Ease Live and Interactive Workshop on the 11th Januaryclick here

Four Steps mini marketing course is a Self Paced Course - click here 

Day of Voxer - choose the day you get my support for your marketing tasks - click here 

How to Create a 5 Star LinkedIn Profile Recorded Workshop click here

Linkedin to Lead 6 week one to one coaching! click here

Kajabi 30 day free trial (this includes a 30 minute Q&A meeting with me if you decide to use the code) click here


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