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How can I increase my followers on Instagram

instagram marketing small business social media solopreneur yoga teacher Sep 17, 2021
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This is a question that comes up time and again. Yoga teachers ask me this. I see it asked time and again on many small business groups.
So here are my tips:
  1. Instagram loves engagement. So if you follow people, chat to them, comment on their photos, reply to their comments on your photos.
  2. When you post something, stay around for awhile and make sure to respond when anyone says something about your post. Ask them questions to keep the conversation going.
  3. It really helps if you have a good looking feed. Or that it represents who you actually are. So that when someone goes to your account to check out the rest of your feed that it's consistent with you.
  4. I've seen accounts that are beautifully curated with gorgeous imagery and all the matching colours, space, and also accounts that are higgledy piggledy but full of great information. And both do well.
  5. If you're starting out I recommend taking time to organise your content so that it's easy for people to digest and read and understand who you are and that it's for them.
  6. Include hashtags in your content. Make sure that they are relevant to your post and your audience.
  7. When choosing hashtags check how many posts are made with that hashtag. For example avoid posting #yoga it's too big and you won't be seen. Make sure there are less than #500K so that you're seen.
  8. Post 28 hashtags for every post that you do. Imagine they are the address on the post.
  9. Captions are really important. When you post a beautiful photo, or quote, make sure that you have a caption that is equally thought through and allows people to get to know you and your product or service.
  10. Instagram loves people to spend time looking at a post, so if your caption is interesting and gives someone advice or an interesting story they are more likely to hang around.
  11. And another way you can get people to hang around is by creating carousel images. These are great for sharing different products, or poses or a mixture of quotes and imagery.
  12. Cross promotion. Use your own channels to grow your social accounts. So if you have an email list, send them an email about your instagram account. Perhaps create a guide that is just perfect for your subscribers.
  13. Use Instagrams new tools in a way that is relevant to your  product or service. So REELs and Guides are Instagram's latest offering so figure out a way to use them in a way that is appealing for your audience.
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