How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet

Is your social media content falling flat?

content marketing social media Mar 01, 2022

There is nothing worse than spending hours on making a video or a post for social media and then crickets and tumbleweed! No reaction. 

Has that happened to you? You spend ages on Canva picking the right image, the right template and then you post it on your social channel, maybe Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn and then nothing. Maybe a few likes from friends and family but no major engagement.

And then you hear everyone talking about how important video is. Long format, short format. But honestly you know that the format is irrelevant because every time you get in front of the camera you talk like a robot. It doesn't make sense because when you chat to someone in real life you feel relaxed and you love other people.

So what is going on and how can you change?

I want you to have a look at your posts and honestly think, am I really talking from my heart about my personal experience in a way that is relatable? Am I offering an opportunity to help my future clients? Is there an emotional connection?

Often when we "do a video" it's to sell a service or a class. We forget that the whole point of social media is to allow others to get to know us. The real person. 

So instead of thinking about what you are going to sell and all of the details of what you are offering, reframe how you approach your content.

Choose photos that show your future clients how you can make them feel. Show them their future self after working with you. 


Think of quotes that inspire them, but still tie back to what you offer.

In videos offer tips, solutions, inspiration.

Use the power of stories to build a relationship with your audience and sell your services.

If you want to organically attract dream high ticket clients and grow an online business that gives you income and freedom then get in touch.

Let's nail your profitable niche that is the right one for you and at the same time one that people are ready to invest in. Be laser focused on who you serve, what you offer, and ready to confidently show up online and talk about what you do.

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