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Shine on LinkedIn without the Hassle of Posting Content Every Day

Jun 03, 2024

Have you noticed that when someone you know comments or likes a post on LinkedIn, it tells you that they took that action? And if you scroll down it highlights their comment and you see their profile photo (albeit tiny!), their LinkedIn Headline and the comment.

These are all micromoments that can increase your visibility. If you've got all your ducks in a row. So are you taking these opportunities?

Think about it, what do you need to produce to grab your networks attention?

  • A meaningful comment.

  • A relevant headline.

  • And a clearly recognisable photo of you.

If you have a service-based business, building meaningful connections on LinkedIn is key to establishing your authority and expanding your network. And a powerful way to achieve this is by thoughtfully engaging with comments on your posts and interacting with others' content.

Here’s how to approach commenting effectively:

🔍 Why Engagement Matters:

Engaging with comments and others’ posts is more than just a social media best practice; it's an opportunity to create and relationships, demonstrate your expertise, and boost your visibility. Thoughtful engagement can turn casual followers into loyal advocates and potential clients.

➡️ How to Increase your Engagement:

Respond Thoughtfully to Comments:

- Acknowledge Comments: Show appreciation for everyone who takes the time to comment on your posts. A simple thank you can go a long way.

- Add Value: Respond with insights, additional information, or ask follow-up questions to deepen the conversation.

- Be Prompt: If you use a scheduler take note of when you're posting so that you can try to respond within the same day to keep the conversation alive and show that you value your followers input.

Engage with Others’ Content:

- Be Genuine: Like and comment on posts that genuinely interest you or relate to your industry. Authenticity builds trust.

- Add Insight: Share your perspective or additional knowledge when commenting on others’ posts. This demonstrates your expertise and provides value.

- Ask Questions: Engage with thought-provoking questions that encourage further discussion and demonstrate your interest in others' viewpoints.

Mistakes to Avoid:

1️⃣ Generic Responses: Avoid one-word comments or generic responses like "Great post!" These add little value and can appear insincere. Especially if you haven't read the article. It could be emotional, or personal...

2️⃣ Self-Promotion: Refrain from using comments as a platform to promote your services. Focus on building relationships and providing value first.

3️⃣ Neglecting Engagement: Don’t ignore comments on your own posts or neglect engaging with others. Consistent interaction is key to building a strong presence.

➡️ Best Practices for Sharing Industry Insights:

- Be Relevant: Ensure your insights are timely and relevant to your audience’s interests and needs.

- Use Data and Examples: Support your points with data, statistics, or real-life examples to enhance credibility.

- Encourage Interaction: End your posts with a question or call to action to invite comments and foster engagement.

What to think about when you are creating your LinkedIn Headline:

➡️ Crafting a Bespoke LinkedIn Headline:

Your LinkedIn headline is your digital business card. It’s often the first thing people see, and it needs to clearly communicate how you can help your clients.

What you need to keep in mind:

  • Be Clear and Concise: Clearly state what you do and who you help.
  • Include Keywords: Use relevant industry keywords to improve searchability.
  • Showcase Value: Highlight the benefits or results you provide to your clients.

What you need to avoid:

1️⃣ Vague Statements: Avoid vague or generic titles that don’t convey specific value.

2️⃣ Jargon Overload: Steer clear of industry jargon that might not be easily understood by everyone.

3️⃣ Overly Long Headlines: Keep it concise to ensure it’s fully visible in search results and on profiles.

Did you know that I have a mini course called How To Create A Show Stopping LinkedIn Headline?

I created it because many of my clients struggled with that first piece of the puzzle, getting clarity on the most important result that they offered clients. Check it out here:


Your Profile Photo helps people recognise you. This is what you need to think about:

➡️ Importance of a Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo: Your profile photo is your first visual impression. A professional-looking headshot where your face is clearly visible can significantly impact how you are perceived.

What to consider before you upload your next profile photo:

  • High-Quality Image: Use a high-resolution image that looks professional.
  • Clear Visibility: Ensure your face is clearly visible, with a neutral or professional background.
  • Appropriate Attire: Dress in attire that reflects your professional environment.

What to avoid in your profile photo:

1️⃣ Busy Photos: Avoid photos with distracting backgrounds.

2️⃣ Obscured Face: Don’t use photos where your face is not clearly visible, such as distant shots or photos with sunglasses.

3️⃣ Group Photos: Your LinkedIn profile photo should feature you alone to avoid confusion.

As always think of social media as an extension of you and consider does your behaviour online align with your values as a person. If someone listens to you and comments on your post, thank them. If you like what someone else is sharing, tell them.

By thoughtfully engaging with comments, crafting a bespoke headline, and using a professional profile photo, you can elevate your LinkedIn presence, build stronger connections, and position yourself as a trusted authority in your field. Start optimizing your LinkedIn profile today and watch your network grow! ✨



Again if you need to sort out your LinkedIn Headline then go check out the How to Create a Show Stopping LinkedIn Headline here:



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