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Why are you on social media

coaching business small business social media yoga teacher Apr 21, 2022

Is there any strategy behind what you are doing on social media?

Does it have a purpose? Do you know who your followers are? Or are you just measuring likes and follows?

Why did you start in the first place?

Was it just because other people in your industry were on certain platforms? Or friends mentioned it? Or you were there in a personal capacity and just transitioned over to the same one for your business, be it Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever.

If you don't have a strategy, how do you know if it's working for you or not?

Perhaps your reasons for being here aren't to do with business growth. And that's fine. But what is your purpose then? Is it:

  • To interact with others
  • To coach a little
  • Inspire others
  • Create brand awareness
  • To help others
  • Be entertaining
  • To promote your business

What do you offer others that follow you:

Do you share tips relating to your offer?

Do you demonstrate yoga poses?

Offer inspiring quotes?

Have you thought about the platform you're on?

Does it suit you and your business? Facebook has so many people, but lots of them are on it to see their friends and family's photos and can be easily distracted. But if you have a family brand perhaps that's ok?

Does what you share match where you are sharing it?


Are you being social enough? Are you being too focused on you.

If you're here to try to engage with people and talk to people and tell them about a way in which you want to help them either through coaching or an amazing course that you offer or a yoga event or a retreat or something like that, then you need to show them what transformation you can offer them.

Have you thought about how you can entice your followers to become buyers?

I call it pathways to abundance. I read a great quote in @Denise Duffield Thomas's Book "Get Rich Lucky B" It shared that we couldn't make money but instead could create pathways for it to flow. I love that idea.

So what pathway are you creating?

How you do they book your event or call or just even get closer to you? Do you have a website? Or a page where people can book time with you?

Do all the links to your website, or booking system work? And do they match what you have in your BIO or your posts?

I want you to use social media to grow your client list.

So that you can go and do what you need or want to do, like get your hair done on a Tuesday morning, or go to the playground with your kids while your diary is getting full.

Your social media should act like a visual representation of you and your business so that it draws people closer to you when you're not available.

If you would like to learn more about this then watch the playback of my webinar How to Create Content that Grows your list.

Here's the link:



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