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How to stop the scroll on social media

content marketing social media Nov 23, 2022
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Where do you find your clients? This year 50% of my clients came from networking and 50% came from social media. 

I love networking, you meet interesting and different people, learn about their lives and their businesses. You're together in a room or a virtual room for a period of time. No escape!

I also love social media. It's possible to find your exact client out there. People who don't mind my big personality or propensity to swear a little when I get too passionate about something!

But here's the thing about social media. It's like a big room with loads of doors. You get a short window of time to catch your exact client's attention. And if you don't, they're gone. Out the door. There's no "spotlight" or 40 seconds showcase for you to say what you do. If you can't get your message across then ... too bad!

How do you catch your ideal client's attention?

It helps to know what they want to achieve, but sometimes social media is a great way to start testing your instincts about what that might be.

Sometimes you've just got to go for it. But bear in mind that you need to focus on what interests your client, not you. You have to tell your stories to show them something, to help them understand that you can help them.

So back in the day, when I worked in agency world, sometimes the notion of "disrupting" the target audience, was bandied about. But in reality no "ad" disrupts anyone. Well not since the 60s! If it's clever enough, or funny enough, or tear jerking, then it might be watched or considered but that's it.

I may have left global agency land behind me but being an optimistic, fun loving cynic still comes in handy when thinking about producing content. When I work with clients I ask/say:

  • Would you believe this if you were a customer?
  • Is there a way of saying this or showing this that will land more easily?
  • Could you use a story that is brimming with emotion and feeling to communicate this message?
  • Could you sell it a different way to make it reflect the value that it's worth?
  • That's WAY too much jargon, no one understands what on earth you do.

The funny thing is that looking at things objectively is really difficult for us business owners. Isn't it?

But seeing things from other people's perspectives is my secret super power. What's yours?

Are you communicating your super power in such a way that people want to buy it, borrow it, invest in you?

It doesn't matter what your "job title" is. Dentist, doctor, yoga teacher, web designer, career coach, consultant. It's what people get from you that makes them feel amazing that counts.

It's that magic thing that people feel after spending time with you.

If you're an accountant, it could be "peace of mind."

A brand strategist and graphic designer might actually gift people confidence and delight in what it feels like to be truly represented and feel really professional.

A mindset coach might help you to get that promotion, to say no to more hours at the weekend, to rest more.

When you are going to share on social media about what you do, think:

  • What's the transformation that you offer?
  • Are you sharing it widely enough?
  • In the right places?
  • Are you sharing the benefit of what you do with prospective clients?
  • Do they understand how much you can help them?

What lead you to this moment where you opened your own business?

What is your story?

My Dad had his own business and I always wanted to have my own. I loved that he picked me up from school. As an adult I can see that he also had to do his invoicing after he unloaded his car from the office supplies that he sold. And he worked really hard. But it inspired me.

What is the emotional connection to your business? And if there isn't one, then what emotional benefit does your customer get? Talk about that.

If you are struggling to communicate how you help people and need to find more clients to work with you then, email me at [email protected]  and tell me what your clients tell you is their favourite thing about working with you.

x Elaine

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